Monday, 11 April 2011

A weekend and a winner

Good evening

Forgive me for being such a bad blogger at the moment - tbh its been far too nice to be indoors these past few days so I'm horribly behind with everyones blogs and commenting - sorry.

The lovely weather from last week continued. We collected one slightly tired and pink cheeked small boy from school on Friday afternoon. He'd had a good week but was glad to be back to his bed and to my cooking!!

Saturday we all - all 4 of us! - headed to Southwold. The promise of ice-cream even lured big son from his room. Armed with 4 cameras we headed off;

A rare family photo ;) - I'm not quite that fat - I just have the bag with all the camera cases/spare batteries and of course pennies for ice-creams! Though at Southwold prom prices pennies won't go far - you definitely need pounds! We discovered the cheapest place for ice-creams was the cafe at the front of the Pier.

The men all decided to take a picture of one of the oil-tankers moored off the coast - I thought 4 identical pics would be boring - so I snapped the 3 of them taking pics and still got the tanker in the background ;)

Despite its expensive ice-creams, Southwold is still my most favourite seaside place - looking forward to visiting again soon so I can have my first paddle of the year.

Of course if I want to build a castle then I might just need a new spade ;)

Sunday morning 3 of us were up bright and early - we headed off to the bootsale leaving big son asleep. We left him a note on the toaster so he'd know where we were. Little son has mastered the art of haggling and managed to knock a couple of dvd sellers down to £1 per dvd - one happy boy with 2 new films to watch. I managed a few little bargains for myself;

A ladybird book - one I've wanted for a while. Just need to wrap up warm one night and try and work out the stars in the sky. I was also lucky with my flower press - brand new, the box hadn't even been opened - just £1.

I spotted this next item on a stall and nearly didn't ask the price - it looked one of those ones where everything was expensive - however this wasn't;

I've had a quick look online and as far as I can tell, its a Victorian pewter pincushion - mine for just £1.50!! If anyone knows anymore I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday afternoon, MrVV & I headed out alone for a walk - we decided to go somewhere different so his camera could get more testing - Orford. Quite a pretty little village and somewhere that apart from school trips I've not been for ages.

We didn't go in the castle this time just around the outside.

I loved this sign outside one of the pubs near the Quay;

Right onto business - my giveaway. Wow thank you to all those who entered - I got writers cramp when I wrote all those names on slips of paper. These were put into a handy mixing bowl (a clean one);

Only one person could be the lucky winner and the one pulled out by little son was;

Well done to Kandipandi who wins all the treats and a few more later additions. If you could let me have an address and then I can get your parcel off to you this week :)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


janis said...

sounds like a grand weekend!
It was beautiful out her across the world as well :)

LaaLaa said...

Oooh, congratulations Kandi! Couldn't have gone to a nicer lady! xx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

wow the pin cushion is amazing - i know the stalls you mean, i always see nice stuff and dont ask the price so I might take your lead and give it a go this weekend :o) Scarlett x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Congratulations on your win Kandi.

What a lovely way to spend the sunny days that we have been lucky enough to have recently. Love the pic of the buckets and spades :0) x

harmony and rosie said...

Congrats to the winner. I love your pincushion - that is stunning. Beautiful pics of Southwold, we had a lovely day there a few years ago but the weather wasn't that good!

Saphy said...

what a lovely weekend! great pictures!

Kandi said...

Squeee, yay thanks so much I've had a rotten day I'll off work and you have cheered me up no end!
I'll mail you my address.
Your pin cushion is beautiful bet you were glad you asked how much now :)
Yours excited
Kandi x

Pooh's Abode said...

But where are the cannons? I thought every set of photos of Southwold had to feature the cannons.
I have a super one of my 3 with a friend's 5 children on them. Sian is off to Southwold soon to get Ella's first photo on the cannons - they have decided they will take one photo a year of her on them.

I love your photo of the town taken from the pier. Apparently Ian's grandad is on one of the plaques near the beginning of the pier - will look for it next time I'm there

**Anne** said...

I love the pin cushion, what a find. The photo of your three men taking photos is fantastic. Now that spring is here you can make good use of your flower press. Do you have flowers in your garden you are thinking of pressing?
Have a lovely week.
Anne xx

Pretty at Heart said...

we are off to Suffolk next week. Def going to visit Southwold - thanks for the tip on the cheapest icecreams!! Are there any other pretty places between there and Ipswich (where we are going to stay) that you would recommend? Or somewhere with nice shops full of pretties??

Shirl said...

I haven't had my Southwold fix yet this year. We're mid exams here, with Dee's photography exam looming as soon as she goes back after Easter, so the household is a little flustered to say the least, a day trip to Southwold would probably do us all good.

Love that sign at the quay in Orford. Orford is one of my favourite places, we stayed in a little cottage right opposite the castle for a weekend once. The view from the top is absolutely amazing and Dee loved the Merman story!

Congratulations to your winner ... :0)

lemonade kitty said...

Congratulations to kandipandi for winning. I've seen those silver pin cushions in magazines and they're very expensive so you got a bargain there, Lucey xx

Lace hearts said...

Your holiday looks fabulous - I've not been to Southwold for many years, but used to love it there. I love your photo of the three boys taking a pic of the oil tanker - bet it beat their pics! x

Country Girl said...

What a great find that pincushion was.
I have a boy who was glad of his own bed and home cooking too! Seems lumpy beds and horrid food were the main grumbles.

Bee happy said...

Your photos are great, i love the seaside!

Congrats to the winner :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

SG said...

You have an award from me, Sal x

Pretty at Heart said...

Thank you for the Suffolk info!! Will def go to Southwold and Aldeburgh (will remember that about the fish and chips!). When you say big shops at Ipswich - do you mean high street shops. If so, no - I am looking for individual shops. My lot cant stand many shops so I don't waste my alloted time looking in every day shops!! If you know what I mean!!
Thanks again!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Congratulations to the winner!
I have never been to Southwold or Suffolk come to think of it. It looks so lovely especially the photo of the Southwold with the silvery sea in front of it.
Isabelle x

The Fairy Glade said...

HI VIcki what a cute little pin cushion and a real bargain. Looks like you had a great weekend. I had that star book as a child, I wonder what happened to all my stuff from back then, I certainly don't have it now! Have a great week. dev x

delia hornbook said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I have been the same with you i have been making the most of this gorgeous sunshine and not been in doors at all ;-) I love the shadow photo and the one you took of them all taking a photo ;-) Love the pin cushion to what a little beauty. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

Sheila said...

Oooh what a lovely trip!! sounds wonderful!