Monday, 5 September 2011

Flowers & Thank you

Good evening

Thank you for all the comments & emails - they've made me feel much better :) I did indeed survive being 'minded' by big son last week. Even better I survived his cooking on Friday night! MrVV was supposed to be home from London in time to cook but it being Friday there were delays, cancellations and breakdowns. The choice were not eat or get big son to do it. The boy did well and he even did the washing up! 

The weekend meant more visitors - our kettle worked overtime and I think we'll run out of teabags soon! I've been very spoilt and had lots of lovely pressies & cards;

These massive silk flowers were from the girls I work with in the charity shop.

Roses from my oldest niece

Thank you Sue for this gorgeous brooch (and the lovely un-photographed card) :)

Today we've spent time making sure the boys have everything they need for back to school tomorrow - bags have been packed, new pens/pencils put into cases and uniforms hang on cupboards ready to wear.

I normally miss the boys when they return to school but this year even more so. They have been so great at helping this past week - they are learning new skills which will come in useful in later life and its made them aware of some of the things I do that maybe they don't normally notice.

I've been plodding on with my making when its been quiet. Both blankets are growing steadily. At some point I need a rummage in my sewing room for some different supplies - I just need to remember that when I'm actually upstairs - the journey up & down is still rather tiring.

I don't know about you but I've noticed the change in season the past few days. Saturday was warm & sunny but today has been quite cool & blustery. I expect when I can next get outside I'll notice a real change. Hoping to have sorted a wheelchair hire by the weekend - being indoors all the while is rather boring.

xxx Vicki xxx


Floss said...

Hey, Vicki, I go away for a week and miss all your excitement! I'm so sorry to track back and discover you hurt (if it makes you feel any better, my Ben broke his ankle headbanging at a disco in the late '80s, although he denies the headbanging bit nowadays...)

Autumn is even coming down here now. Like yours, our boys go back tomorrow and I'll be posting my Rentrée resolutions and giveaway while they're out...

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Mine go back Wednesday and is it mean of me to say that I am quite looking forward to it ??? :@

Hope you manage to sort out the wheelchair for the weekend, although it's pretty nippy out there xx

Claire said...

its a bit blustery by the sea too!! You'll need one of your blankets for your knees ;) Hope you get out and about :)

Vicki said...

Thank you Vicki, for the advice on my pin cushions.

I am looking forward to following your instructions for my project. I may have mentioned that I just fell in love with the little candle holder and couldn't wait to make it into a pin cushion...then I realized I did not know what in the world I was doing!!

So glad there are fellow blogger who are generous with their "how-to" info when one of us needs help.

Did not realize that you were not feeling well, thank you especially for taking the time to answer my email. That was so kind of you... hope you are better soon!

Take care!
Until later...V

Cheryl De Beer said...

So nice to be spoilt even if you have had to endure pain! It is quiet cold down south tonight! So Windy we have no TV transmission and a bit rainy - this cooler weather makes me so happy. Hope you feel better every day !

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh dear Vicki!! The things we do! You need those boys at home, can't you make them stay for a while longer? How interesting your life will be for the next little while, in a wheelchair and all. Very dramatic. Glad you are getting lots of help and love. May the cooking continue for the next couple of months while you recover. Take care xx

**Anne** said...

How lovely that your boys have been helping you about the place and learning new skills. I don't have sons but if I did, I would be teaching them to cook, wash and iron, oh and clean. Nothing worse than leaving home without knowing how to take care of the basics. Besides one day when they are all grown up and have families of their own, they will be able to help out and won't the ladies in their lives love that!
Hope you get that wheelchair soon.
Take care,
Anne xx

Serenata said...

So glad the boys have been helping you out Vicki, as you say it is a good learning experience for them, although perhaps you didn't have to go to quite so drastic lengths to achieve this! ;-) My son is back to school tomorrow. We have all the gear, just got to get it all organised for him. Oh I ought to check that his bag hasn't got anything growing in it...forgot about that.

Victoria said...

So sorry to hear of your accident. Have only just managed to catch up on Blogland now the school holidays are sadly a distant memory. Hope you are bouncing about again very soon. Love the brooch. You lucky thing. x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

...I've clearly missed something in my blogging to see what's been going on!
fee x

Vix said...

I hope you get a wheelchair sorted soon. A day out will do you the power of good. It's so miserable at the moment being cooped up indoors isn't something I'd enjoy either. x

crafts@home said...

I do hope your still getting lots of visitors, even more so now your helpers are back at school... Glad you liked your pressie :)
Sue Xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Poor you, at least you've had some lovely gifts. So frustrating being stuck at home, hope you're on the mend really soon x

Lisa said...

Hope your recovery is going ok.
Lovely flowers and cute brooch.
You are right about the weather, definitely a cooler feel out there.
Lisa x

Pomona said...

Hope you are recovering well and not getting cabin fever. It is certainly very autumnal here today.

Pomona x


Crikey! I thought I was bad enough and I only SPRAINED my ankle! Hope you get out and about a bit more now and get better soon. Loving you purple toenails!