Sunday, 26 February 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2012 - February

Yep its that time of the month again - no not that one - the one we look forward too!!

Here's my efforts for February - I did think at one point I might not get the list finished as I struggled for inspiration but then suddenly one day, it hit and took about half the pictures in one go!!

Music - Anyone know what this tune is??

Food - a family favourite - homemade pizza (this is the uncooked version - the cooked one never lasts long enough to take pictures!)

Love - a little crochet heart - these are addictive to make and oh so simple.

Cupid - no not the one with the arrows but the ones thats part of Santa's sleigh pulling team ;)

In the sky - one aeroplane taking people off on their hols.

Black and white - the cherry tree and garden with a dusting of snow - the light that day made everything seem black & white.

5 - a 5p piece 

Leapyear - the date on a shopping voucher I was sent (and yes I used it!!)

Train - the only one left from Big Sons childhood collection - this is Percy

Crowded - one of my dressers - crowded/cluttered?? I like it like that!

Empty - the Prom/Beach @ Southwold - the beach huts don't move back till next month and there are very few holidaymakers here this time of year - another month and it would be much different

.Heritage - The Martello Tower @ Aldeburgh. These were built along the coast to deter invasion by the French during the Napoleonic wars. This one is the most northerly and the largest. Its infact 4 towers 'glued' together and originally had a moat around it. Its now owned by the Landmark Trust and is let as a holiday home.

Thanks as ever to Kathy - and I look forward to another month of scavenging :)

xxx Vicki xxx


Kashi said...

I really like this one. Nice photos.

Pene said...

Nice collection of photos and you've just made up my mind what i'll have for tea - PIZZA!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great photos - I like your thinking with Cupid.

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Lisa said...

Good collection as always. Love your thinking with Cupid! Would love to come to your house for pizza, scrummy!
Lisa x

Louise said...

well done, great photos! I had the same idea for cupid but my reindeer are taped up in the christmas book so I turned to poetry instead!

CupcakeMumma said...

Loving this months photos so much I don't have a favourite! Im still 2 short! x

Habbie tot said...

Love your photos, due to a broken camera, I havent even started yet, think I will head out with the camera phone tomorrow and see what develops (little camera joke there!)

You've certainly inspired me, Thanks Vicki!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

fabulous pictures! really enjoyed browsing them xx

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

Your dresser's fab! Love it x

delia hornbook said...

Great shots love the one of the plane taking off that is fab. dee x

Claire said...

love the pics :) I like a busy dresser too! you should have seen the prom here yesterday it was heaving!