Monday, 7 May 2012

The 3 Little Pigs & the Big Bad Raindrops!!

Good morning

Well two days of the three day weekend have passed by - definitely an exercise in dodging raindrops! So far we've managed to do the things we've wanted to - just making sure the right clothing was worn - more December at times than early May though.

I spent Saturday in church! Not my normal location but quite enjoyable. I'd been asked if I'd like a free craft stall at the church spring flower festival. As the forecast wasn't great and the boxes in the spare room had a selection of makes left in them it seemed a good idea. I mean getting to sit down, drink tea, natter, read and crochet uninterrupted by my menfolk - what more could a girl ask for? Oh and there were sales to be made and funds will be deposited in my savings account this week :)

There were also lots of lovely flower displays to look at - the theme this year traditional fairy stories - hence the 3 little pigs;

and many more;

Jack & the Beanstalk, Hansel & Gretel, Puss in Boots & Rapunzel.

The Witches Cottage (H&G), Alice In Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty & Peter Pan.

Sunday morning dawned damp - however MrVV & I were determined to do what we'd planned - again the right clothes were needed - never have I worn waterproofs and walking boots so much in May!! We headed out cross country to the car boot sale - I wanted to snap the fields of gold that are around here at the moment - they make me sneeze but are oh so pretty;

The car boot sale was pretty quiet - the weather was turning and many of the stall holders were packing up. I did manage to get some more plug plants to grow on for my garden but that was it. The few stalls selling 'junk' were poor and very overpriced - I think I'll leave it until the genuine booters who prefer warmer weather start selling - am tired of tatty biscuits tin and chipped china being offered for silly money because they are 'vintage'.

In the afternoon we headed out to celebrate May Day at the same pretty riverside pub as last year. Despite the weather there was a good crowd and the rain mainly held off so things could happen;

 May Pole Dancing (and no I didn't join in).

 Morris Dancing

 Love the concentration of the face of the bearded one!

Mummers and the story of St George - aided I am sure by plenty of pints of local beer!!

After a couple of hours we headed back along the bumpy track to the village where we'd left the car. Last year we'd been able to park on the water meadows - this year they'd done their job in the recent bad weather and were occupied by plenty of wild fowl including loads of swans;

Right that's all for today folks - thanks for reading.

Off to wake the final member of the VV household up - we're are going out as a family today - he just doesn't know that yet!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


moonstruckcreations said...

What a lovely time you had! I went to a quilt exhibition in a church just before Christmas - it was a lovely setting for it. Hope you made lots of sales!

The mummer's costumes look as if they used up several fabric stashes :)

No trips out (apart from IKEA) for us this bank holiday as we are decorating the kitchen - we are halfway there so musnt grumble....Im keeping myself going by daydreaming about all the lovely hand-made crafty bits I can put in there once its done....

Have a lovely day out!


Lisa said...

Well done on the sales at the craft fair, always nice to get an extra bit of savings cash!
We've not been out so far, hoping for a walk later.
Lisa x

Paula said...

You know we have to admire our British grim dermination to get out there despite pants weather!

Loved those yellow fields really gorgeous. Those flower displays in the church were really lovely very inventive.

Good luck in waking up your last VV member, I remember being a real grump in my teens at being woken up! lol.

Have a great Bank Holiday.

P x

Madison said...

Despite the dodgy Bank Holiday weather, it looks like you've had yourself a great weekend. I love reading about the adventures you and your hubs get up to. You always visit very interesting places.

Hope you enjoyed your family day out.

Madison xxx

Vix said...

Well done for actually leaving the house this weekend, it's been dire here. Those floral displays are stunning and I love the May Pole dancing. x

Liz said...

Morris dancers and mummers fascinate me - we don't see a lot of them here in Scotland! Flower festival looks lovely.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

hapi-ness said...

what a lovely weekend you've had :) the shitty thing about working in retail means I NEVER get weekends off! Have missed going to a boot sale for ages :( the flower displays are so cool :D And i'm a little bit freaked out by the men in rags! hehe xx

The Fairy Glade said...

We wrote the whole Bank Holiday off, bought lots of yummy goodies and had a catch up on dvd films and lots of reading and crochet. Seemed like the best thing to do in the circumstances. It is all wearing a bit thin now though, and so much more of the wets stuff is forecast for the rest of the week. Not good.....Dev x

Tea at Weasel's said...

Looks like you had a great bank holiday weekend! We were going to attempt a bootfair on Sunday morning but we wimped out... bring on the sunshine I say!!! (who is in control of the weather anyhoo? I'd like a word!!)

Thank you for your lovely comment on my granny cushion. Good luck with the last 3 rounds of your blanket... so close to a 'ta daa' moment... I can't wait!!!

Louise xxx