Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Happiness is......

Good morning

I've not taken many proper pictures recently - the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere has lapsed. However I have captured happy moments on my ipad and these get shared by Instagram - its instant blogging I guess. However I do want to keep this blog running as its a more permanent record of my life - its ups, its downs and of course my family.

Here's just a few pics from the past week - all filtered via IG first;

 Those blooming named coke bottles - once Big Son found his name, we had to find one for the rest of us - even though I really don't like the stuff! I found mine on the way home from my cancelled Op appointment - hence full fat coke was ok - after 9 hours of nil by mouth, I felt I'd earned the calories!!

 Gardening time - pretty frock of course and wellies 2 sizes to big - despite everything I still can't get my ankle into my wellies - I've just adopted an old pair of little sons instead!!

Big Son taking on the task of grass cutting - he did a fab job - completing the task despite a wheel coming off the lawnmower with just a small area left to cut! A new lawnmower is on the shopping list now - had hoped to wait till we move but heyho!

 A peony rescued from the garden - just so gorgeous.

 Dinner for one on a night when the boys were with their Dad. The perfect excuse to indulge in all things local - asparagus.

Followed by strawberries - all served on vintage china - why not ;)

Last but not least - someone who makes us all very happy. My little nephew - just so cute. The boys visited earlier in the week and took lots of photos - I just love this one of him with Big Son;

Right I'd best go and get sorted - work later and then S&B group tonight.

See you soon 

xxx Vicki xxx


Ladybird Diaries said...

Great photos! Your meal looks so pretty on the vintage china.
M x

greenthumb said...

Look like you have had some lovely times.

Vix said...

Beautiful photos, loving your wellies and cute skirt! How cool to get a Victoria bottle, I prefer the cheap supermarket stuff with my rum but I may have to track one down to use as a water bottle at festivals!
Sending you loads of love for next Thursday! xxxxx

The Faerie Factory said...

Adorable pictures ... I don't do coke either, this marketing ploy is genius though ~ Sarah x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love flowers skirts and wellies, the perfect combo! :) x

Lisa said...

My two would love a coke bottle with their name on it, but it's pretty unlikely!
Love your dress and the strawberry salt and pepper is just the cutesy thing ever!
Lisa x

forgetmenots blue said...

What lovely times you nephew is very cute in his shades! :)

Amanda Graham said...

What cute photos- love your skirt and willies combo and the fact you dined on vintage china-it's too pretty not to use:)

Amanda Graham said...

What cute photos- love your skirt and willies combo and the fact you dined on vintage china-it's too pretty not to use:)

moonstruckcreations said...

I havent found a coke bottle with my name yet...

I loved your table setting, and those strawberries look yummy. I picked up a huge punnet for 1£ last night in ASDA, happy days!