Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Happy Stuff for November (so far)

Good morning

Well I was doing the 52 weeks of happy posts but I got side-tracked sometime in early summer - mostly connected with being ill and the house move - its not that I've not been happy, its just the whole photo taking/blog writing thing just stopped happening. I must blame Instagram too - instant blogging and so easy to do from my phone or Ipad - never worked out how to blog directly from there. So whilst I can't remember what week it is, I can share some happy pictures - here's some from the first few days of November;

 My sisters little puppy is growing up too fast - he is now big enough to walk across town to visit me and he made his first visit at the weekend. He's utterly adorable and so well behaved. He loved investigating somewhere new and after a run around in the garden with Little Son, he was tired out and snuggled up on my new rug for a long doze;

Yesterday (Monday) was gorgeous here - blue skies and sunshine. I decided to ignore the Doctors advice and take a gentle cycle ride over to the next village to visit a friend. On the journey home I stopped and loaded up a tub with sloes - so many this year;

All washed along with some elderberries - these got frozen and then when I buy gin later they will popped into a big jar with sugar, stirred occasionally and then strained just before Christmas. After all I can't go to the Christmas Eve carols without a hip flask full of the stuff ;)
 One last thing for today - an early Christmas pressie for me from me - new boots. I've loved these biker style ones for ages but never could wear them when (1) my ankle was still not flexible and (2) my calves were too 'wide' - well due to dancing etc etc both these barriers have gone so I treated myself to a pair in the most gorgeous green !!

Right its no good - I must go and get dressed and brave the outside world - there's gin to buy and a Grandma to visit. Plus later there's soup to make and firework displays to go and watch - all happy ;)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Hello, lovely to see your Happy pictures. That puppy! JUST SO CUDDLY!

Miss Magpie said...

Oh the pooch is too cute for words! I love your new boots, oh and I have that sheep jumper :)

Lucy said...

I know what you mean about Instagram being so much easier than blogging, but it's lovely to see you back blogging! Great boots :-)

topchelseagirl said...

Your sister's puppy is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Vix said...

The pup is so cute and your boots are rather snazzy, too! x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

My, your sisters puppy is too cute for words! I'm glad you had such a good bonfire night, those happy teenagers made me smile! :) x

Lisa said...

Any to do list which starts 'buy gin' has got to be a good one I expect!
The little puppy is just the cutest bundle of fluff, he looked proper tired out!
Love the new boots, and green, yum!
Lisa x