Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hello again

Good morning

Well that didn't last long - nearly 3 months away from blogland and a little look to see whats been happening and reading a few favourite blogs again and here I am - resizing photos and trying to condense the past 3 months into one managable post!!

Things have been busy here at No6 - both boys have been working hard towards exams - Big Son is doing A Levels with a view towards leaving home and going to Uni in September and Little Son is almost through his GCSEs and is planning on going to 6th form in September. Both are also preparing for end of school Proms - can't wait to see both my boys all smartened up and ready to party with their friends and girlfriends.

Anyhow - where did we leave off? Oh beginning of March - here's what happened afterwards;

I had a birthday and was thoroughly spoilt - flowers, balloons, cake and 2 nights out with friends. Little baby nephew turned one and we had a big family party to celebrate. Then it was Mothers Day and my lovely boys spoilt me again.

April - a belated birthday celebration with someone special. A Morris dance out at Snape Maltings. Easter with loads of chocolate. My cute nephew with a cuddly orange I'd just bought him.

May sees that start of the proper Morris dancing season. We headed as a side down to Rochester in Kent for the first bank holiday weekend. We had a massive camp area with about 7 caravans and 10 tents. We danced all day on the Saturday and half the Sunday. One of the things I am now getting use to is having my pic taken by random people and I love hunting them out on Flickr at a later date. Here are just a few pics from the weekend - some taken by friends and others by random strangers!!

 Me and some of the other girls in the side

 Me again 

 and again
 Just one more!!
Once the dancing for us was done on the Sunday we headed to one of the pubs to a gig by a band we are good friends with and despite us all being tired most of us danced the whole gig!!

The following weekend I watched the Ladies Tour of Britain come through Suffolk - what a difference a week made - it was wet and a bit chilly but those girls didn't seem to notice as they whizzed by.

Last weekend was actually spent at home! Time to make an assault on my garden - weeds to clear, grass to cut and tubs to plant. Once it was all done - time to build the hammock and spent a little time studying the inside of my eyelids!! 

Right I think that's enough for today. Time to get sorted, hang washing out and then head to see one of my sisters and my little niece and nephew. I saw cute pictures yesterday of someone who is coming to live with them in a few weeks time and I need to hear all about it!!

See you soon 

xxx Vicki xxx


moonstruckcreations said...

Fantastic to see you back Vicki!! I really missed your posts.

I am impressed by all that dancing, it looks a lot of fun and I guess a good way to keep fit too!

We have A levels and GCSEs going full pelt here as well, and the eldest two are studying HND courses so you can imagine the pressure....

At least it is half term so now we can have a bit of a breather as most exams are now done, and the remainder don't take place until the end of June.

Lets hope for a bit of decent weather!


simplyvintage said...

Good to see you back. The Morris dancing looks fun and I love your costume. Good luck to your sons with their impending exams, don't they grow up all too quickly though?

Have a great bank holiday.
Linda xxx

Clare said...

What a surprise to see you pop up in my Blogger Feed. Welcome back Vicki, it seems like I'm not the only one who missed you ☺☺:)

Miss Magpie said...

It's good to see you back. x

topchelseagirl said...

Great to see a post from you. I love your black and purple Morris Dancing outfits!

Jacquie said...

Welcome back Vicki, I have missed your posts and I'm so happy you are blogging again.
Jacquie x

Claire said...

welcome back :) Those photos of you are amazing! x

**Anne** said...

Hello Vicki, it's so lovely to see you back in blogland. You look absolutely fabulous.
Anne xx

Jen Walshaw said...

It is lovely to see you back. It is hard to stay away!

Tracy said...

How lovely to see you back in blog land, loving the photos of you Morris dancing xx