Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Festival fun - in the mud!!

Good morning

It was festival time at the weekend - Ely Folk Festival - not as dancers but as paying public!  We were lucky and sent our tent ahead with friends who were arriving early in the afternoon - they secured us a good spot which was easy to find late at night after a pint or several ;)

All tents need bunting and windmills don't they! And purple fairy lights inside too - and a later addition of a colourful flag as well! We've quickly adapted to camping together and can get everything set up quickly so the beer can be opened and the fun times begin.

I'd never been to Ely FF before but friends and S had and they were right - it was lovely. Quite a small festival - very friendly. There are shuttle buses running all day and evening into town and back. We headed out on the Saturday to watch the Morris parade and dancing;

 The end of the parade - dancers gathered beside Ely Cathedral.

 Love the rainbow outfits of this side - Gog Magog - they always make me smile.

 Green Dragon - lots of friends of ours in this side.

 One of my favourite border sides - Witchmen - they are brilliant and it was lovely to be able to watch several of their dances without having to rush off and dance ourselves.

Thai street food for lunch whilst watching this lot dance in brilliant sunshine - blissful.

Sunday morning the Witchmen ran a dance workshop - we went over - and whilst S danced, I took photos and video and spent time chatting to a couple of the Witchmen dancers about all things Morris and teenagers leaving home to go to Uni!!

When we were watching a set on Saturday night - they announced the winners of the Club Tent competition - the prize is to open the Main Stage on Sunday night - it was fab to hear that friends of ours had won!

They got a 15 minute set this time - here's hoping after playing a blinder they get a longer set or two next year.

Despite mixed weather - brilliant sunshine and then torrential downpours of almost biblical proportions, we had a fab weekend. Each day started the same - I make coffee and S cooked a proper breakfast for us both;

We tried over the weekend several times to get pics of us together with no Morris kit on - now it seems the art of the selfie is more tricky than teenagers make out - we gave up in the end and a random stranger did the job for us!

Felt weird yesterday - getting dressed and not adding the flowers to my hair - luckily its only a few weeks till back to back festivals - might just have cleaned the mud off my boots by then!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Vix said...

Awww, lovely photo of you both! That's our festival tradition too, Jon cooks the breakfast (veggie sausage for me!) xxx

Lisa said...

Bunting and a windmill are essentials I'd say!
Lovely photo of you both.
How good to have had the time to have been able to watch some dancers and not rush off.
Lisa x

Miss Magpie said...

I love the picture of you both and every tent should have fairy lights!

**Anne** said...

Fairy lights in tents, fantastic. Loving the photo of you both.
Anne xx

HWIT BLOGG said...

What a lovely festival! Love your pictures...
Have a nice weekend,

Crafts @ Home said...

I've been away for a while, and I see its all change at your place, congratulations, you look very happy, love the morris pictures too, particularly that rainbow coloured mob! And as for those boots, they look like there had a lot of fun! Suexxx