Thursday, 27 May 2010

Summerhouse makeover (part 1) & a lovely little parcel :)

Good evening

What a difference a few days makes - today has been mainly grey here with downpours :( I've had to rush out and rescue the washing and also race to close windows :(

After my Monday post I had a message from Sarah @ Red Gingham asking what the little building in the corner of our garden was. I explained that it was our summerhouse and it had me thinking about a post or 2.

This little building was in the corner of the garden when we bought this house almost 8 years ago.  We decided to give it over to the boys who were only 5 & 7 at the time as a playhouse.

It really hasn't altered much in that time - it had new doors a couple of summers ago and some new gingham door curtains but otherwise its remained slightly unloved & uncared for :(  It gets an annual spring clean and yesterday was that day;

Inside - a slightly tatty sofa, toys, scooters & an inflatable alien!

and lots and lots of cobwebs and dead things :(

Not really selling it to you am I!!  I spent a couple of hours in there - hoovering, cleaning and tidying.  The door curtains have come down for a wash and so has the large Jolly Roger flag.  Once this was done and I sat on the sofa for a breather I looked around and realised this was only the tip of the iceberg. So sometime next week, I shall be re-painting the inside, finding throws to cover the sofa, making some cushions and hanging some pretty bunting at the windows. MrVV has promised to re-install the electrics so we have some lights out there for evening and it opens up the possibly of one day sitting out there sewing :)

One thing I did notice once the windows were clean - the views of the garden - when the roses & honeysuckle flower soon it really will be a lovely place to sit;

Oh yes - the windows are really old leaded ones that were reclaimed from an old cottage :)

Another day - another 'thud' as a parcel hits the doormat :) - this time a little giveaway win from Jackie @ Sew Special Bears . No pics of the unopened package this time - no many address details to hide. However inside was;

A prettily wrapped pressie with added chocolate :)

Some new bedtime reading (or hopefully summerhouse reading) :)

Thank you Jackie very much. Now Jackie & I have been paired up in the Strawberry Swap organised by Pixiedust @ Faerie Nuff. So I shall be studying Jackie's blog in detail to find out her likes & dislikes - just hope she really does like strawberries ;)

Oh I haven't forgotten I mentioned the Giveaway word last time - just need to sort a couple of things and then I'll share it with you.

Until next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Love your summer house, I can't wait to see what you do to it. I would LOVE a little space like that at the bottom of my garden.
Luv Sophie xxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely space to have. I would definitely have evicted the boys and claimed for myself (there's my selfish streak coming out again!). Can't wait to see the next photos.xx

Serenata said...

Oh, you could make that summerhouse a really special place to be. I've been trying to talk DH into getting one for us with no luck! Still one can dream...I can enjoy you making over yours! :-)

Mother0fPurl said...

Wow- that summer house looks like it has the potential to become the perfect crafting space.. I look forward to seeing the makeover! xx

Kandi said...

Me too Helen. Tell the boys they have been evicted for not dusting! lol
Kandi x

Floss said...

What a great summerhouse - and those windows!

My grandma had a summerhouse; but I think you're really lucky to have one in this day and age, Vicki.

Leanne said...

aww that's so cute! I'm so excited to see what you do to it! xox

Pooh's Abode said...

I love the summer house - it looks like it has a lot of character. Maybe one day I'll get one too

topchelseagirl said...

Sewing in the summerhouse - what a dreamy thought. Definitely evict those boys.

Sarah said...

That's the tardis isn't it? Seriously, look how small your summerhouse looks on the outside then see the inside shot. How does that work?? Too amazing really. But it's a super house for summer and I'm sure you'll get it tidied up in no time for a little summer party.

Lisa said...

Your summerhouse is just lovely, lucky you having it in your garden. Good luck with getting it all spick and span.
Lisa x

Sarah said...

Your summer house looks like the Tardis! my children would love to have that in the garden xx

bad penny said...

I love your summer house & regret leaving mine when we sold our house esp as it was very new ! Looks sweet

A Country Girl said...

Look forward to the 'after' photos.
Good luck at Vintage Soul - I may pop up and be supportive (if its not raining!)

Jenny said...

Oh I love your summer house too, so much potential to make a beautiful place, I'd want to sleep out there in the summer.

bellaboo said...

Your summer house will be gorgeous when you've given it a VV makeover!Can't wait to see. How lovely to have real windows.Ours has plastic which has weathered so you can hardly see out of them anymore,plus Mr boo..after one too many beers..broke one trying to put the garden table away.The roof felting needs replacing, as well as some of the wood which has rotted.

Bellaboo ;0)

Pixiedust said...

Sure the summerhouse will look fab after its mini makeover. xx

Pea Green Kitty said...

What a cute little summerhouse!
I cant wait to see the makeover

Kelly said...

What a lovely summerhouse! I's so 'enid blyton'! Can't wait to see the results!!!

all kinds of everything said...

Oh my what a lovely lovely summerhouse
It will be great to decorate and those windows..Just so beautiful!!!
I can't wait to see the make over!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

How lovely, looking forward to part two. I love summerhouses, caravans, tree houses ~ Garden escapes are magical places....

Sarah x