Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The start of summer? & hint of a makeover ;)

Good afternoon from Sunny Suffolk :)

Hurrah the weather has taken a turn for the better :)

Today's post is rambling & disjointed - lots of little things to share with you all :)

First of all - the summerhouse. Little son & I have been painting inside today - I did the edges & he did the filling in bits - I think he really enjoyed it (trust me it looked much better after the 2nd coat);

More photos to follow another day when its more finished.

I made some bunting at the end of last week - lots of it is destined for the summerhouse to brighten it up and this length was a request from my eldest niece;

Sometime last week I received the most gorgeous smelling parcel - this time not a swap but an order from a lovely little company I have discovered - 4kandles. They do a gorgeous range of tarts that you put into burners - instead of the huge ones that are hard to break up these come as 4 smaller flower shaped pieces in a pack.  There is a huge range of scents and you can mix & match them together. Our favourite here is the Red Hot Cinnamon mixed with Golden Delicious - we've nicknamed this mix - Mom's Apple Pie :)

I ordered a couple of things - this pretty little cupcake tea-light holder for me;

and this scrummy campervan burner & a selection of melts for my next giveaway - haven't quite decided when that will be - sometime soon - depends when I can find the other items I want to include ;)

Last but not least - I can't believe its June already - where is the year going to? Now June means only one thing - the bloggy meet in Southwold - Sunday June 27th in the afternoon?? I know we've got quite a few interested people - are there anymore?

xxxx Vicki xxxx


TheMadHouse said...

The bunting is divine. I can not wait to see the finnished project

bellaboo said...

I love the colours/fabric of your bunting,perfect for your summer house,and the cupcake tealight holder too.Our summer house is badly in need of some tlc at the moment.It needs a whole weekend spent on it.

Bellaboo :0)

Serenata said...

Oh how exciting - the summerhouse will look great all bedecked out in bunting etc...

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I bet your little one did enjoy painting, i know my two older ones (and the little one) always want to help if painting is going on. Love that site, thanks for the link :-)

Laura said...

Looking forward to seeing your finished Summerhouse!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcake tealight holder, it's soooo cute.


Magic Bean said...

Hello. This is my first visit to your lovely blog. Am a bit green about your summerhouse. Will be back soon, A x

Claire said...

Oh so nearyetsofar...i'm due to be away that date but i really hope you all have fun, and i LoVe Southwold soooo much, you will ahve to have the next one at Felixstowe, i knoew of a great ice cream parlour you could have as a venue;)

bad penny said...

lovely lovely & very pretty bunting

Shabby Chick said...

Love the bunting! I can tell I am going to be VERY envious of the summerhouse! I keep trying to persuade my other half that we should turn the garage into a crafting room for yours truly but he's not playing ;)

Mel xxx