Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dolly Daydreams & lovely parcels

Good evening

I sat down to write this post at 7pm - just after the boys departed to their clubs - no I'm not a slow typist - my Mum phoned. Just a quick call! to confirm some arrangements and put the world to rights. Here I am 2 hours later with a slightly pink ear and bowl of cold pudding (Dutch Apple Cake & custard made by Little Son). The funniest thing was said by Mum - she mentioned a lady she'd met at work who'd talked non-stop for the 2 hour session Mum was supervising (she works in a creche) - the phrase pots & kettles ;) It might explain where I get my ability to ramble on about nothing much from ;)

Anyhow back to business - dollies - lots of - well actually 5;

My favourite new photo

The Rainbow Raggy 'Spice Girls'

The 2 newest ones

All 5 of them were delivered to their new home this afternoon - the girls in the shop were having fun with them when I left - dolls were being placed around the till and the shop - here's hoping they sell well and I get to restock very soon.  I also left with a request to supply some of my teacup pincushions - I shall be delivering those on Monday.

Spurred on by this I've set myself up with a Folksy shop - when it gets stocked I shall shamelessly self-publisise on here and Facebook ;)

I finally managed to send my swap parcel off to Pene today - hopefully it will be with you tomorrow / Monday :).  A knock at the door mid-morning brought my parcel from her all the way from Scotland. Without giving too much away - lets just say there are some similarities ;)

All wrapped up - very springlike - with an extra something special for an event next week

The contents - a lavendar heart, seeds, chicks in tutus, new gardening gloves, choccies, a gorgeous book, a crocheted daffodil (now on my coat) and a lovely tissue holder (wanted one of these for a while). Thank you Pene very much for being yet again a wonderful swap partner:) and Emma I now need to turn my attention to the other Spring swap and get my pressies for EmmaBearForever sorted.

I must go now - we're off to Cambridge (just the 2 of us) this weekend and my MIL is coming to be with the boys. My house is a mess and as tempting as it is to leave it for her/them to sort I really ought to make some effort and find the spare room - moving some of my piles of fabric and half finished makes to one side. I've loads of those I want to show you but will do it another time - mainly as some are for birthday pressies for my S&B friends and of course one of those is Dawn and she might just peak in ;)

See you next week - keep your fingers crossed the weekend is sunny and the CK shop is fully stocked ;)

xxx Vicki xxx


Scarlett Fontaine said...

aww lovely goodies! Your dolls are fab too. Hope you have a great weekend away, also jealous of your ck shop visiting too :o) Scarlett x

Catherine said...

Your dolls are fabulous! Enjoy your weekend away! Cx

crafts@home said...

The dollies are wonderful, I hope they sell fast, good luck with your folksy venture :) Ooooh, very jealous of you going to visit the C.K shop, I think thats our closest as well.... but still a long way! Lovely gifts for spring, I still haven't sorted your big day out, have just sent another persons off today though :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Your dollies are lovely, I'm sure they'll sell out in a flash! x

Betty said...

I am sure the dolls will sell well - can I suggest you do some Summer ones with ballet dresses and a bit of sparkle? they are such a flexible design - also could see them sewn on to a little girls back pack (detachable).

delia hornbook said...

I love your dolls there smashing and they will fly out that shop door ;-)) what a lovely gift to. Have a lovely weekend and goodluck with your esty shop to , dee x

Bee happy said...

Your dollies are so cute, I love them. Good luck with your shop and have a great weekend away!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Jackie said...

I love those dollies -bet they go quick and you have to restock quickly! Hope you have a lovely weekend away. Good luck with your Folksy shop xx

Country Girl said...

Love those spotty gloves. Have a great weekend and don't make MrVV spend too long in CK!

ahomespunyear said...

The dollies are great fun. Have a wonderful weekend...sounds like the weather will be kind. I'm heading for the garden!

Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

What lovely goodies you received!
Have a great weekend Vicki, hope it's as sunny there as it is here :0)

Lisa said...

What lovely items you had in your parcel. I think the daffodil is just gorgeous, perfect for the Spring weather.
Hope your dolls sellwell, they are great.
Lisa x