Thursday, 10 March 2011

Who can resist a little bargain ;)

Good evening

Well the wall to wall sunshine of earlier in the week was replaced today with blue skies/grey skies/fluffy cloud/great big black ones which threatened rain and then blue skies again! Was really windy too - at least it meant the washing got dry & aired - such an exciting life I have sometimes!!

As you all know, I have a bit of a thing about charity shops - can't walk past one and am getting pretty good at spotting something lovely buried under piles of stuff that I doubt will ever sell. The ladies in my local Church shop are getting to know me very well - even putting aside things they think I might like. Here's some of the lovelies that have been rescued by me over the past few weeks;

Easter/Spring themed linens - 4 napkins and pretty cloth.

Barge ware painted enamel mugs - not good enough to drink from but pretty enough for flowers :)

More playing cards to use as labels - these have the prettiest backs.

Another ladybird book for my growing collection - first one I've found in quite a while.

Trying to think what I've done since I last wrote - started filling in my census form - just waiting for boys to decide what they'd like to put as religion, debating between Jedi & Nintendo at the moment! Though little son did 'get married' in a Hindu ceremony yesterday! (They has an RE day at school and were visited by 6 different faiths). I've almost finished another pair of dolls. I've been losing my battle with the spiders again - I just don't want to have to add them to my census form as permanent residents in this house! Oh and I've been getting things together for the 2 swaps I'm doing and I've just realised there's another birthday coming up soon on the Birthday Swap list!!

I suppose I really ought to go back to my corner of the sofa and battle with yarn & thread then.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Lisa said...

Bargans like those are hard to resisit, those mugs will look fab with flowers in.
I thought of you today and your comment about lions. On eof our cats lost his name/phone number tag a few eeks ago and today I got a phone call from a neighbour in the next street to say she'd found it in her garden! When I went round to collect it her door knocker and key hole were both decorated with black lions! They do pop up in the strangest palces and no I didn't have my camera with me!
Lisa x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh I love those mugs you found so pretty and unusual. And the pack of cards are really lovely too with those pretty backs.

Oh yuck yes we got our census form the other day too. I better get on and start to fill it in! Looking at it it might take some time!

Love your dollies they are so cute!

Thanks for putting my giveaway button on your blog really appreciate it!


Catherine said...

The little enamel jugs are GORGEOUS!! You MUST take a photo and blog it when you fill them with some pretties! Cx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

love love love the napkins and cloth, the mugs are really pretty and I would have liked to find these in my local cs! Scarlett x

clare said...

Great CS the mugs!

Those napkins are gorgeous!
Good luck with your census form..we've not had ours yet!
Hugs Clare@weekend crafter xx

Andrea said...

I love the linens you found they are fab! We got our cencus forms too, will take some filling out won't they!!
The mugs are really lovely, I never see any like that in our cs!
Have a good evening,
Andrea x

Jenny said...

love the little napkins and the cloth with the bunnies on, very cute! I also like playing cards with pretty backs - a few years ago at a car boot I got a massive box full with tons of different designs for £2! some were moudly but others I salvaged and they are great! xxx

Pene said...

Love the bargeware mugs gorgeous. I've been doing some spring shopping myself.
We haven't got our census forms yet, can't say I'm looking forward to filling them in but apparently you can be fined up to £1k if you don't and that's crafting money so guess I'll just have to do it lol..


Just love the bunny cloths!

Vicky x

crafts@home said...

What lovely finds, I have 3 birthday swaps to do this month... I wonder whose the 3rd is? :D
Sue xx

katieafox said...

Wow those playing cards ARE pretty! Great idea using them as labels too x

carol at home said...

Oh the bunnies, so cute and perfect for Easter. Love the playing cards, look forward to seeing there transformation into labels.

VintageBettys said...

We just love those vintage cards! And those Spring linens are beautifully embroidered!!

~Laura and Michele

**Anne** said...

Lovely thrifty finds, I especially like those playing cards. I had to laugh when I read what your sons might choose as their religion for the census. I think a lot of boys might think the same.
Have a lovely weekend,
Anne xx

Florrie said...

What beautiful finds, especially the easter inspired linens.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my last post.
florrie x

Bee happy said...

I love the napkins, so cute. The cards are great as well, wished I'd have found them!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh great finds! I love charity shops, they are like little treasure troves :-)

WoodbankCrafts said...

I managed to get 2 loads of washing dried yesterday and was very excited by that and then realised I needed to get more in my life! Great CS finds, love the ladybird book and those mugs. I like the cards too, what a great idea to use as labels :) x

delia hornbook said...

Great finds Chairty shops are just sooooo good for the soul ;-)) Good luck with your form. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

lemonade kitty said...

Love the bargeware enamel mugs they'd look nice with a couple of pansy plants in them, the napkins are pretty too, Lucey xx

Sarah said...

Love those linens! very seasonal. I haven't seen that particular ladybird book either, quite appropriate for today's weather!

Claire said...

i thought i was being really clever filling in my census form and posting it the same day i got it. then realised i shouldnt have done it yet. oooooops

bellaboo said...

I would have snapped up those linens too! The charity shops are really coming up trumps for me at the mo.
Have a lovely,relaxing Sunday. :0)

Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Oh Vicki, I love, love, love those playing cards! I have a bit of a thing for cards lol
All your swaps sound interesting..I've got a pif i'm trying to work out at the seems to be taking aagggees for me to do!

have a great weekend x

Felicity said...

lovely finds, ive just been catching up on your last few posts, i love your craft stall it looks so bright and colourful! fliss xxx