Thursday, 25 August 2011

Another crafty catch-up

Good evening

Blimey another weekend is almost upon us - not quite sure where this week has gone.
Apart from all the usual domestic stuff, I've had time to do quite a bit of crafting;

 One raggy for an order. She is heading off to the USA with some other dolls I made earlier in the year. A last minute extra when the recipients found out they were expecting another baby!

 Another raggy for a special friends 40th birthday - she was handed over at S&B last night and was an instant hit.

 The giant granny square blanket has grown - currently lap blanket sized - a few more rounds and it will be big enough to snuggle under during the cooler months whilst crafting/reading in the evenings.

 Another 10 squares have been added to my other blanket too - this one is slower as there are so many ends to sew in on each square.

Whilst cooking dinner the other night, I glanced out of the kitchen window and saw a strange sight on the summer house roof;

A flock/gaggle/gang of juvenile pheasants! Shame they later took off again - I had a plan that involved fattening them up for Christmas dinner!

Lastly for this evening - whilst ordering some things for little son from Amazon, I made the mistake of having a quick browse in the suggestions for me list - I'd seen this book on a few other blogs and was tempted as the price was just too cheap;

I'm a few chapters in and its definitely a keeper - I might share it with friends but its one that won't be passed on to the charity shops.

Have a good bank holiday weekend - am hoping the weather is kind - it would be lovely to go somewhere as a family - probably Southwold. I still have a few Scavenger Hunt pictures to find too.

xxx Vicki xxx


Serenata said...

Interesting looking read Vicki, do give us a review when you have finished reading it. How wonderful to see the young birds!

Lovely rag dolls, especially the first and you are going great guns with your crochet.

Annaboo said...

Those Raggy dolls are so cute.
And your blankets look great too.

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Your crochet is coming on in leaps and bounds! You're so good at picking the colours :o)

Weren't you lucky to get a picture of those pheasants!

have a great bank holiday Vicki, and take care.
love Donna x

Madison said...

I do love your raggie dolls. The book looks like an interesting read. Will need to have a search for that online.

Madison xxx

Catherine said...

I read this one over my holiday and really enjoyed it! It's staying on my shelf too! Cx

Rattling On said...

Not surprised your friend liked her doll!
I was once out walking the dog and got talking to a woman with a very young Jack Russell. It ran into the undergrowth and came back with a pheasant, she looked at me and asked what she should do. I said if it had have been my dog's doing I'd have taken it home and eaten it. So she put it in a carrier bag!
I will just say that we were on a disused railway/public path and not poaching...

crafts@home said...

What a beautiful doll, and blanket :) and those pheasants are really cute.
I saw that book on someone's blog and really fancied reading it, but I couldn't find it again or remember the name of the book!
Sue Xxx

magpie chic said...

Cool Dollies!!! I love their stripey legs especially!

Claire said...

must look out for that book, where do you sell your raggie's? Theres the hot rod cars in trinity park this weekend with the ride to Felixstowe on the prom Sat, if you decide against Southwold....x

Scarlett said...

Oh I adore your blankets! Great job! Scarlett x

Shirl said...

Gosh, you have been busy - love your rag dolls. x

Lisa said...

Thise raggy are so cute, love the strawberry fabric.
The cover of the book makes it look a tempting read.
Lisa x

janis said...

Oh Vicki~ you are so funny! I love your Raggie Dolls! They are really precious!

Elizabeth said...

Just ordered the book on Amazon. Was able to read first few pages on a "try it and see if you like it" Kindle page. I was smiling already!
Can't wait to get the real book in my hands...may take a few weeks to get it as it ships from the UK. Thanks for the info on what looks like a good book.

Louise said...

Oooh your crochet blankets are looking very cozy!! Your colour combinations are gorgeous :)
I saw this book on Poppy Trefry's facebook page a while ago (I think she designed the cover) and knew I'd'love it so I ordered it asap from Amazon. I have not started reading it yet though as I've still got to finish my current book..... I can't wait to delve into it :)
Hope u enjoy reading it :)
I love your Raggy dolls... They're so pretty!

Louise xx