Monday, 8 August 2011

Hooky goodness

Good evening

Finally today I've finished cleaning the camping gear and getting the boys to help put it away. We probably won't be needing our big tent again till next summer - there's a chance of an overnight camp with friends in a few weeks but that only requires the small tents. Despite the best attempts of the british summer I've got the holiday washing all done too. 

One of the best bits about camping is the time I have to do things I enjoy - last summer it was knitting and this year it was crochet. I managed to get loads more squares done for my blanket and once we were home I was able to add them to the ones already finished - 30 sewn together so far with another 10 hopefully by the end of this week;

Hopefully by the time its winter, all 100 squares will be done and I'll be snuggly and warm in the evenings :)

Whilst we were away I made a start on another blanket too - this time a giant granny square in cotton;

As you can see there's a long way to go on this one. Am stuck for a few days though as I've run out of the green and was gutted to find the shop in town no longer has it. Luckily I've found some online so hopefully I'll have a choice of projects again by the weekend!!

Just before we went away I treated myself to some colourful hooks - I'd seen these on another blog and though they'd be a nice treat for a new crocheter;

That's really all for today folks. Looking forward to the rest of the week - I've got sisters coming on several days for coffee & catch-ups and  a party at the weekend. The boys seem to be keeping themselves busy over the hols - disappearing out for hours on their bikes and also keeping our local cinema in business.

See you soon


Pink Milk said...

Wowee, love your granny squares Vicki - the red as a border is just stunning.

I've got those lovely hooks too - did you get them from eBay?

I'm keen to start a new blanket and am definitely leaning towards 'something granny' Still can't quite decide!

Enjoy the rest of your week.


The Vintage Knitter said...

Those granny squares look lovely; I'm knitting a blanket at the moment, but its taking ages - hiopefully it'll be ready for the winter.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

This is such a pretty post, the hoos are gorgeous as are the grannies!

Pomona said...

I love your blanket - the colours are wonderful!

Pomona x

**Anne** said...

Loving all that hooking that is going on. It's such a pleasure to be able to sit down and hook to your hearts content, eg while on hols. Cute crochet hooks too. My coloured hooks a nasty plastic things that squeak as you hook. It's a bit like fingernails scraped down a blackboard. Shudder!!
Have a fun time with your sisters for coffee and catch up.
Anne xx

Serenata said...

Wow wonderful crochet hooks, they must really make crocheting fun! The blanket is looking lovely and I do like that square. Glad you managed to get all the washing done. It is quite a juggling act with the weather isn't it?!

andamento said...

Glad you had a good holiday and managed to squeeze in some crochet time, your blanket is looking great so far, and thank you for your kind comments on mine.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Love those squares you have been making! What a gorgeous blanket you will have to snuggle under this winter. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead.

We do indeed have a coleman's tent! We have had it for a few years now, I like the fact that we can spread out in it as the girls still like to share a pod. You are far braver than me to camp out for seven days. About two is my prefered choice 3 nights being the absoloute limit! lol.

Just love those crochet hooks, how pretty are they! Can I ask where you got them from? I feel a little purchase coming on.


Vix said...

What a beauty that blanket is turning out to be. If last night was anything to go by it won't be long before you'll be needing it! x

bellaboo said...

Gorgeous blanket! I'm hoping my granny square will be finished by the Winter too. I have the same ? as MMB. :0)

Pooh's Abode said...

super blanket - I really must get on with mine but as a newbie crocheter I am having problems with tension.
Love the hooks too - where did you get them

Country Girl said...

I have my last load of holiday washing out today -it had better not rain!
Your blanket has grown!

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

What lovely crochet hooks! I am checking out the link now. Thank you for sharing. Also love the colors on your afghans!

Little Dotty Bird said...

the blanket is looking amazing, such brilliant colours. How satisfying it will be to snuggle in your own homemade blanket..lovely!

Claire said...

fabulous squares :)

crafts@home said...

Your crochet looks wonderful, it must be a boy thing, disappearing for hours on their bikes or being in the cinema, and yet when they are at home, no food or drink is safe! how do they manage so long without?
Sue Xxx

charl said...

i love the colours that you've used..i wish i could crochet it just looks so pretty!!..
we had hoped to do lots of camping this year but havnt been once yet, it just hasn't been warm enough !!

Northern Hi-Lights said...

look at those hooks! can't believe how much crocheting you got done - looks fab!

Jewel said...

Ooo I love your granny blanket - I want to learn to do one, but I'm a complete novice (I've made one small square so far!) Is it easy to do? x

Madison said...

OOO, pretty! Love the blanket and the colourful hooks.

Madison xxx

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

I'm so pleased you had a good holiday! We've just come back from Devon too. And visited bridport and West Bay as well :o)

Your crochet blanket looks fab! I really love those colours you've chosen. I'm absolutley useless when it comes to colour matching lol.

Anyway, hope you're all fine n dandy up there my lovely.

Take care now,
Love Donna xx

Danielle said...

I love these granny squares and I'm off to check out those funky looking hooks!

Tabiboo said...

That looks wonderful.

Happy hooking,

Nina x