Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bertie, butterflies, chickens & pigs

Good afternoon

Phew what a hot day it is here in Suffolk - doors & windows all open and ceiling fans working overtime.

Well it seems ages since I last blogged - that because we've been on our summer hols in Bertie - just 3 of us (MrVV, LittleSon & I) - Bigson has been in Derbyshire as a scout leader on an activity holiday. He's due home late afternoon with 9 days worth of washing - good job I've just finished all of ours from our time away - my poor washing machine!

Anyhow, Bertie was loaded up and firstly we headed into the Cambridgeshire Fens - we found a gorgeous campsite just outside Wisbech for a couple of nights. What a place - the pitches were all in their own private glades - it felt just like being a gypsy in the woods. Loads of wildlife including butterflies who I found impossible to photograph!!

 See what I mean - hard to believe there were other people on site - seemed like it was just us!

 The campsite owners raise their own pigs - this was one of 4 that were half way there - by Autumn they'll be bacon! and the next litter of piglets will have arrived!

 So many gorgeous flowers which attracted loads of insects - all camera shy!!

 Wow - I thought Suffolk was flat - you could just see for miles across the countryside.

 On the Sunday we visited Ely - this is just part of the cathedral - a stunning building - both inside and out.

 Just one of the stunning stained glass windows.

 Just because my bandsmen were on their hols didn't mean we'd escape a brass band - we found this one in the park as we headed down to the river.

Father & Son - in almost matching t-shirts!!

On the Monday morning it was time to wind up Bertie's legs and head further north into Yorkshire. We'd found an appealing small site just outside Pocklington - no bars, no pool - just peace & quiet - perfect.

Looking much more like home - stuff everywhere!!

 We were greeted by the owners and introduced to their gang of very free range chickens. Each chicken had a different coloured leg band so you knew who was who. They were very friendly and tried several times to get into Bertie!

 Little Son happily feed them some leftover crusts but away from the caravan else they'd never have left us alone.

Can you see the Wooden Pod in the background? This is available for hire and very cute it is too.

 We had some lovely days out - visiting York several times as there is so much to see - still so much we couldn't fit in so we will head back again at some point in the future. One of my favourite days out was a trip on the steam railway between Pickering and Grosmont. We had just enough time before our train to grab a picnic lunch from a bakery in town. 

 The stations were all so pretty - I took rather a lot of photos!

Love this picture with the moors in the background.

We were so lucky with the weather - a couple of heavy showers but nothing that lasted too long or spoilt our plans. The evenings were warm and we were able to sit outside with a drink or two watching the most stunning sunsets;

Back to reality today - I've even got to cook tonight!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Kashi said...

Looks like you had a great time. I love that shot of the train with the Moors. Really nice.

Pomona said...

What a lovely holiday! And I feel sad about the pig - I try not to think about things like that when I look at ours . . .

Pomona x

Mac n' Janet said...

Looks like you had a great vacation, I do envy you getting travel on a steam train! We can't find one to travel on here in the states.

Lisa said...

Looks like you found a couple of really lovely places to stay. I do like the look of that pod too!
Love the picture of the train, lots of lovely memories of happy holidays is what summer is all about.
Lisa x

Vix said...

It looks gorgeous, that campsite with the animals looks so tranquil and perfect. I'm so glad you had good weather, mind you, with that gorgeous caravan you'd have been snug as bugs. x

LaaLaa said...

Great post! Looks like you had a great time and enjoyed some lovely weather. It is an overcast, horrendously muggy nightmare here. Yuck! xx

Catherine said...

Your holiday looks so relaxing. I wish we had a caravan...can't get the man persuaded!! Cx

Penelope said...

Gosh, looks so beautiful Vicky, lovely and relaxing and good fun with visiting animals! I love a steam train ride, gorgeous pics xox Penelope

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Glad you had a great time! Looks fab!ada :(

Josie-Mary said...

Looks like you had a fab time, lovely photo's :) x

delia hornbook said...

aahh what wonderful photo's great snaps of the steam train they never fail to make me smile so many stories they could tell of times past ;-) dee xx

Claire said...

what a wonderful holiday! I lived in York when i was about 8, loved it!!

harmony and rosie said...

Poor little piggy!
Love the chairs all lined up, that's a real statement of intent! Glad your Bertie is earning its keep, it must be lovely to go where the urge takes you.
Btw, the post boxes are gold for only 6 months apparently :(

Magic Bean said...

Amazing stained glass picture. And your next adventure is to...?

Diane said...

I can guarantee that the pod (or Love SHack as hubby and I called it!) is very comfy! You look as if you had a great time - I'd love to know the name of the site in Wisbech. England is great for holidays. xx

...Tabiboo... said...

That does look lovely and relaxing - I wish I could convince my mister to do the whole camping thing.

Nina x

BadPenny said...

You found some lovely campsites there ...especially with roaming hens ! We have to go " nautical camping " because of husband but that little pod looks very tempting !

quiltjude said...

Gosh the pic of the train with the moors in the background is just like Tasmania, where I live, now I know why my Mum and Dad felt at home here when they left England all those years ago. :)