Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Stalking Jon Boden!

Good morning from Sunny (at the moment) Suffolk

How was your bank holiday weekend? We had a good one but with some dodgy weather at times - especially on Saturday!

Many months ago, I treated MrVV & I to day tickets for a new folk festival being held in Suffolk. It was easy to choose which day - my favourite band Bellowhead were headlining on the Saturday night so it was a must to see them.

When the programme was released the other week it was even more exciting - it seemed that Jon was not just playing with Bellowhead but also in a couple of other groups too :)

Anyhow Saturday morning saw us heading up the A12 to Somerleyton Hall via Millets as the forecast was not promising. MrVV needed a new waterproof - I waited in the car whilst he dashed in to buy one - the colour choice is entirely his own!!

Anyhow the festival - it felt quite empty at times as it was not sold out - however the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming and for a new event we felt they'd got it almost perfect. An excellent real ale bar which I visited several times and a reasonable choice of festival food at sensible prices.

As well as 4 music stages there were performances and workshops with several Morris Dancing sides - I didn't partake but did of course enjoy watching - especially one side that contained lots of my friends;

They worked hard on trying to persuade MrVV to join their band - he is very tempted but not sure he has the time to do that as well as work and his current band.

Anyhow - stalking Jon Boden (not him of the overprices colourful clothes fame but someone far more talented) - firstly accompanying Fay Hield as part of the Hurricane Party;

Then playing with the Remnant Kings;

and lastly playing with Bellowhead - as ever they were amazing - they got the whole crowd jumping and dancing - I did dance but very carefully with 2 of my best friends who were also there - just no high kicking or flicking!

Luckily for this performance the weather held off - it hadn't been like that in the afternoon however. We were watching the amazing Bounty Hounds in one of the covered stages when the heavens opened;

The Bounty Hounds are amazing - relatively local to us and we shall be heading to see them again soon I hope.

The tent was one of the massive ones that you see at festivals with a huge surface area - the rain torrential (accompanied by thunder and lightening too) - the water pouring off the sides was more powerful than some showers I've used in the past - apparently back home they'd not had a single raindrop all day!

All in all despite the weather it was an amazing day - great music, excellent company, fab food and of course brilliant beer too :)

Planning to go for the entire weekend next year - think I've sold it to MrVV!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


crafts@home said...

This looks like a lot of fun, maybe the weather put some people off going as well, I'm not surprised your going for the whole weekend next time :)
Sue Xxx

**Anne** said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend and especially the performances. Lucky you were under that big tent, it looks like quite a downpour in your photo.
Anne xx

moonstruckcreations said...

Good to hear that you had a wonderful time in spite of the weather!

It was torrential at times here in the Midlands too, I got rather a soaking whilst getting involved in some archery at Sherwood Forest!!


Kashi said...

I am glad you had so much fun. I even like Mr. VV's color choice. I couldn't wear it, but my husband would have chosen brown or grey. He he. Color can be a good thing on a rainy day. Talk to you soon. XOXO

Paula said...

Sounds like a fantastic event and hopefully will be a real sucess as it grows!

Can't beat good music and beer!

P x

Magic Bean said...

That rain was unbelievable on Saturday. I chucked the Smalls out into the garden to experience it and they were sodden within seconds! Looks like fun and I am glad to hear your dancing was tame...

Lisa said...

Just look at that rain!
Just been on you tube to have a listen to your fave band, they are very good aren't they.
Lisa x

Lisa said...

Just look at that rain!
Just been on you tube to have a listen to your fave band, they are very good aren't they.
Lisa x

delia hornbook said...

It looks and sounds like a great event even with the rain ;-) At least it didn't put you off and your going back ;-)) dee x

LaaLaa said...

I'm loving Mr VV's waterproof! Looks like a fab time despite the weather. x