Tuesday, 29 January 2013

3 of 52 weeks of happy

Good morning

Whilst life here in the VV household isn't to great at the moment, I am determined to be British and keep calm and carry on - I will tell you eventually but its just too tricky at the moment to write it all down.

However I am determined even with all the less nice stuff to find happy things in my world and take pictures and share them - trying the glass half full approach ;)

Here's what has caught my eye this week;

1 - Gorgeous new fabric which I will turn into a dress for me - red is also a cheerful colour and if you add roses what is there not to love :)

2 - A charity shop find - a not-vintage-but-still-lovely printers tray - just needs a few coats of paint then attaching to the wall and filling with little pretty things.

3 - A sunny day and the first washing on the line for 2013 - here's hoping it won't be too long till I can do this again.

4 - Online scrabble - playing Little Son and various friends - I'm not particularly good at it but its great fun.

I have something else lovely to show you but that deserves a post of its own, so that will have a wait until next time.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


minibreakfast said...

Glad to see your lovely pics are still coming. Thinking of you lots xxx

Ladybird Diaries said...

I love your happy pictures. The red fabric is so gorgeous, can't wait to see your dress that you plan to make!
Take care.
M xxx

Irene said...

Brilliant Happy pictures.

Twinkle Star said...

Fab happy pics - I love the little tray! Hope you are OK,

Hugs, Estelle xx

Dawn said...

Glad you are managing to find a little happiness - keep positive!

Anonymous said...

Great CS find. So lovely to see washing on the line. Hope other stuff improves soon. Heather x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Great fabric! It will make a lovely outfit! :) x

Deborah said...

Lots of happy things here :) love the fabric I'm sure your dress will be beautiful! take care.

Bee happy x

Lizzy said...

Great to be able to hang the washing out! Hope things getter better for you x

Vix said...

Sorry to hear things are a little tricky at the moment. Your pictures are lovely and there's little to beat washing line-dried, makes you feel spring's round the corner! x

delia hornbook said...

Sorry to hear things are not very good at the moment i hope they are able to sort themselves out very soon. Gorgeous fabric and i look forward to see what you do with the wooden tray. Take care, dee xx

En4tainment said...

lovely photos x

magsmcc said...

I am very encouraged by your resolute positivity in the face of not-niceness. We are a bit bogged down in the latter this month, but you encourage me to embrace the former with more detemination!

Tracy said...

I hope things get better very soon and I enjoyed your niceness x

**Anne** said...

Thinking of you while the not so nice stuff is happening. Loving your happy things, especially the fabric and looking forward to seeing your dress.
Anne xx

Primroses Attic said...

I can't wait to hang the washing on the line. It makes me happy tooooo!
The glass is always half full in this house.

greenthumb said...

Lovely photos, must be in the stars bad week around here also.

Claire said...

hope you are ok! xx

Beckah said...

1)I agree, beautiful fabric, everything to love about that!

2)Wow, great find, I've been on the look out for a printers tray for some time now, lucky girl.

3)Isn't it refreshing to peg out?! Can't beat the smell of line dried laundry (unless your neighbours have a bonfire, grrr!).

4)Online Scrabble hey, don't think I'll embarrass myself by attempting that one, I would be a laughing stock I'm sure.

Hoping you have a happier home very soon, your blog helps brighten my day, thank you X

Scarlet-Sometimes said...

you go gal!!!!! :-). I managed to get two whole loads dry this afternoon,a fantastical, dry full on blower!!!!!!, but then you'll have been most aware of it. Love the scrabble, and I totally agree with your thoughts on red and rosy See you soon xxxx

Lisa said...

How wonderful is it when you can get washing out on the line at this time of year, simple things!
Love the new fabric.
Sorry to hear things aren't good, hope things improve very soon.
Lisa x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Sorry things haven't been too good. Hope things look up this month x