Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy Stuff

Good afternoon

Yes, I know another blogger with snow pics - am sure you've seen plenty but trust me I've limited myself to just 9 in a mosaic - there are rather a lot more I could share ;)

School was closed again today - hardly a surprise it snowed so much yesterday afternoon, evening and overnight. When I woke to the radio telling me the bus depot nearby wasn't sending any buses out I knew it would mean no school. The boys had second guessed this and the deal was only to wake them if school was on - so I left them snuggled under their duvets for as long as they wanted.

Little son appeared just half an hour later than normal - he's growing again and his tummy was rumbling.

Once we'd packed MrVV off to work - it took him a while to find his car under a thick blanket of snow - we got sorted and started another snowy day.

These pictures start on Friday - the boys & I played outside - towing each other on the sledge, throwing snowballs and of course making snow angels and a snowman.

The ruler shows the depth of snow on our picnic bench this morning - 4 inches not the 6 inches a certain man told me ;)

The front garden under its blanket of white fluff and a garden bench which won't be sat on today!!

The last 2 pictures are the view either way down the lane - both looking tempting and like a winter wonderland.

Today Little Son & I walked into town together - jobs needed doing and we collected my Mother-in-Law en route - we'd offered to do her shopping but she decided the fresh air and company would be lovely.

We shopped for more veggies for more soup and the first creme eggs of the season!! I also found a gorgeous vintage print single duvet cover in the charity shop which has now been converted into a draft excluder in front of our draughty patio doors - its seems to be doing the trick already.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Vintage Jane said...

The forecast tells me tomorrow will bring ... more snow! M x

lemonade kitty said...

I'm loving everyone's snowy pictures just wish I could get out in it instead of having to stay inside still!! Lucey x

VintageVicki said...

Oh Lucey I know exactly how you feel - this time last year I was praying the snow would go away as I was housebound too :(

Lisa said...

Love the snow angel picture!
I must buy a creme egg, not had one yet either.
Lisa x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Love your snowman! :) x

liz said...

Hi Vicki, lots of lovely snowy pics. Its surprising how much snow we've had in Suffolk isn't it!
Hope to see you at Greenpeace in February xx

**Anne** said...

Never too many snow photos for me, I love them.
Anne xx

Sheila said...

What pretty pics and a good find at the shops! I love finding a great fabric and thinking about what i could do with it.
Love the snow pics and you can show more if you want! I love them.

Tina said...

What a fun lot of snow pictures you have here today! Here it is melting the snow we had on Friday. We might get more tomorrow but I prefer not anymore. Well, I say that but I love the white stuff! :D

Lizzy said...

I think that you have had far more snow than we have, just a few miles away. My OH was working near you yesterday and said the roads were really bad and he kept getting stuck!

Beckah said...

Hello there, first time commentor here! I love snow pictures, they're so pretty.
I've enjoyed reading through your blog over the past few weeks and it has helped give me a push into starting my own, at very long last.
Keep up with the snow pics they are such fun!

gillyflower said...

Well it just has to be done doesnt it - the snow piccies! I have one just like yours with the ruler, only ours is blue ;O
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, hope you keep warm and enjoy the snow days!
Gill xx