Friday, 6 September 2013

Chasing my own tail!

Good afternoon

Blimey ok so a week of a new month has gone past and it seems ages since I've sat down to blog and have a good blog reading session. Simply life has been just too hectic - so hectic that back to school has happened for one boy but the back to school shop doesn't happen till tomorrow!

Time has been spent getting more of the house sorted, planning what happens next, spending lots of time with friends and family and making the most of the last of the summer days.

Summer appeared to end at about 4.30am this morning - I was woken by the rain - I could hear it over the sound of the fan I'd got going in the bedroom - very tropical. Things perked up this morning and washing was hung out and got dry. Its now raining again - must be nearly school ending time then!

Here's a few pics of some things that have caught my eye in the past couple of weeks;

 We've a huge old apple tree in the garden and its appears a bumper crop. Not sure of apple variety but I think I'll try stewing some this weekend to see if a winter of crumbles lays ahead!!

We have finished all the unpacking and everything that needs to be fixed to the walls is up (well apart from a pile of family photos which may get done this Sunday). I spent a lovely afternoon filling my dresser and a new lovely dresser top I bought from a junk shop;

 A scaled back china collection but all my favourite pieces are here still.

I also filled up the little printers tray I painted earlier in the year;

 Finding new homes for much loved and long owned things has been a challenge. Polly the Parrot has been with me for many years and lived in many of my houses. She's getting rather tatty know so I didn't think she'd mind too much if she spent her time outside in the garden - might have a rethink when the weather turns really bad;

 I am loving the outside space here - the garden and yard are very practical and for once very tidy! The last load of junk was collected by the scrap people at the beginning of the week. Meaning at last there is space for my bike to lurk near the house for the quick dashes into town which seem to happen rather a lot - supplies got so run down before we moved that nearly every day when I go to cook I realise that an essential item is missing!!

Of course this week saw Back to School time for many. Little Son has entered his last year of school uniform wearing - reluctantly he posed for a photo - same shelves as almost every year of his school life but this time in a new space;

At 8 o'clock on a sunny, Thursday morning this is the closest to actually not snarling that I could get!!

I will try very hard to have a blog visiting session this weekend - I am very much missing reading what everyone is up too. I must also remember to take more photos - I am planning on rejoining the Photo Scavenger Hunt this month as its something I've always enjoyed doing. Trouble is I've got loads of extra work hours and a growing social life which both keep me away from the computer!!

Have a good weekend all and I'll see you soon.

xxx Vicki xxx


Pene said...

I love your bicycle, i am so jealous it's exactly like the one I'm eyeing up on ebay with a big basket on the front for Daisy (if I can get her to sit still for 2 mins lol)xx

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

oh,oh,oh JUGS.I love jugs, i would be a jugaholic if I wasn't frugal and didn't hate dusting!

Serenata said...

Lovely to see you getting settled in your new home. Love the little printers tray with cute little special treasures.

Primroses Attic said...

Your dresser and shelf look fab. Can't believe where the holiday has gone. My son too is in his last year, they grow up so fast.

**Anne** said...

Hi Vicki, it's so lovely to hear from you again and to see you getting settled in your new home. Those apples look lovely, what a boon to have that big old tree in your back yard. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next.
Anne xx

Lisa said...

What a busy bee you have been.
Love what you have in yout printers tray, I must get to with mine and paint it.
Lisa x

topchelseagirl said...

You've done so much to turn your new house into a home. Love the chimney pot by your bike.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Your new home in fact this new chapter in your life appears to be shaping up just fine! :) x

Kashi said...

We moved house last summer and I enjoyed finding new homes for all of our things. It was even nicer when it was all done. Glad you getting all settled in.

Amanda Graham said...

It looks like you've settled very nicely- lots of lovely things in your home. I really like the printers tray- and your bike is great:

moonstruckcreations said...

I love your dresser, wished mine looked so well organised!


Vix said...

I love all your trinkets on the printer's tray! I'm just painting a shelving unit and you've reminded me of a few bits I've got stowed in drawers that I could display on the finished article! Polly's ace! x

jane said...

Your home is looking lovely, you seem to be settling in well, I love your cute little bits on the printers tray :) have a lovely week xxxx

Busy Lizzie said...

Lovely collection of ceramics & like you we are anticipating lots of apple crumble very soon! Lizzie