Sunday, 22 September 2013

A fab day out

Good morning

Excuse my absence again from blogland but real life is all rather busy at the moment. I am working more as my boss is off work ill and then with the house, family and a rather fab newly discovered social life, blogging is rather losing out!!

Yesterday the boys & I were up rather early for a Saturday - we needed to leave the house at 7.30 as we were heading out of Suffolk to visit my little brother in Cambridge. We nearly had a problem when the train from Ipswich to Cambridge broke down in the station but another was found and we were soon on our way running just 10 minutes late. We were met by my little brother at the station and we headed into the city centre;

 I love the old college buildings.

 3 of my favourite menfolk - the boys & my brother :)

We walked around the shops, the market and of course past many of the old college buildings. We stopped for a lovely lunch and afternoon coffee too. The boys were happy to shop - their pocket money and wages were soon being spent. Big son bought the most amazing pair of Converse - I must remember to get a photo sometime - they are almost a work of art!

I wasn't planning on buying any shoes for me but when we were in the shop I spotted a pair that I fell in love with - not buying them straight away but thinking about it for a few hours and then returning and hoping they had them in my size - they did, they fitted and I love them;

Obviously not normally to be worn with flowery pj bottoms !!

Whilst the boys wandered around the market buying dvds - I spent just 5 minutes in the Cath Kidston shop - I must confess the current stuff is rather lovely but I really don't need anymore mugs, tins or teatowels! I did treat myself to a couple of little things;

A brooch and bracelet for me and a keyring to stop us from losing the back door key!!

We are already planning on going back to Cambridge next spring and hopefully finding somewhere inexpensive so we can stay the whole weekend as its rather a tiring journey to do in one day - as this photo shows;

See you soon - can't promise when as there's more work this week and next weekend is looking rather fab - can't tell you what yet but I promise there will be photos!!

xxx Vicki xxx

PS - just realised I missed this blogs 4th birthday last week!! and today is the Autumn Equinox - where is the year going!!

PPS - Spell check not working !!


the vanilla squirrel said...

oh we had a lovely stop off in cambridge this summer - such a beautiful city! Funny as I bought the same brooch in that CK shop (love it!!!). We just stayed in a new Premier Inn nearby.....bought the room in a sale so it was REALLY bargain...definitely worth a try for a cheap stay? x

dottycookie said...

Cambridge itself is pretty pricey but there is a Holiday Inn at Whittlesford station which is only a couple of minutes out by train ...

You have made our city look lovely - I think we tend to take it for granted rather too much ;-)

moonstruckcreations said...

I love Cambridge, haven't been there for quite while though.


Kashi said...

Looks like fun. I loved my time in Cambridge.

Lizzy said...

Looks like you had a lovely day.
I popped there and back on Friday afternoon, but didn't get to see much, Cath Kidston was calling, so was the market.
But no time to linger, dropped my lad and all his stuff off at Uni, for his last year. With promises to return for a proper shopping trip, I mean visit very soon!

Ladybird Diaries said...

Looks like you have all had a lovely day! Love your new shoes and CK goodies...especially the little brooch, so sweet.
M x

greenthumb said...

I just love Cambridge.

Celia Hart said...

I'm so glad you loved Cambridge - will always be my home town xx

Claire said...

I love Cambridge!

Anonymous said...

I love your new shoes - and they look fab with the pyjama bottoms, too! Never been to Cambridge, but would love to go. x

Anonymous said...

I love your new shoes - and they look fab with the pyjama bottoms, too! Never been to Cambridge, but would love to go. x

Catherine said...

I'm just trying to catch up with everyone again. You look to have been very busy over the past few months! I ♥ your new house!! It looks fab! Cx

Lisa said...

Such a pretty CK bracelet but you've done it again with those shoes, you always buy the best shoes!
Lisa x

Amanda Graham said...

Looks like you had a lovely day- I love the Cath Kidston stuff and your new shoes:)