Friday, 4 October 2013

All creatures great and small

Good afternoon

Not sure I could love all creatures - especially this one that decided to hide under my pillow the other night! I'd been away for the weekend and left the boys in charge - they'd been good and got washing in and I guess this must have smuggled itself into the house in the washing basket;

I might have squealed like a girl when I spotted it but then I calmly deployed my insect catching kit (junk mail and a plastic Latitude cup) and put him downstairs to deal with in the morning!

I said I'd been away - I stayed with friends and we went to an birthday party on the Saturday night - it was 80's themed - and I knew what I wanted to wear - the jacket & accessories date from my mid teens in the mid 80's and the t-shirt was a treat to myself;

Obviously back in the mid 80's it wouldn't have been a pint of cider ;)

The party was for one of our dancers and we were asked to dance just once for everyone - such a lucky girl that I am, I finally got to dance with Adam Ant ;)

After a very late night and not a very restful sleep - I managed to fall out of bed!! Perhaps the 4th pint wasn't such a good idea!! The next dance we headed to a gig in a pub garden - us lot dancing for half an hour and the rest of the afternoon spent sitting in the sunshine, listening to music, chatting and maybe drinking some more cider!!

This week has been busy - even though the boys had one day off school due to the strikes. This morning was quiet and in order to put off hoovering for a while, I bashed some more picture pins in the wall and added to my wall of family photos;

I can now see there are some family members missing and I've been asking for copies of photos to add to this collection.

This afternoon has been spent with two wonderful creatures both very small and both very new. One of my sisters has recently got a puppy and kitten - they arrived within days of each other and and slowly getting the hang of each other. The kitten gives as good as it gets and has the advantage of speed and being able to hide under the sofa when the attentions of his 'brother' get too much!!

Meet - Foggy the border collie puppy;

and Douglas the kitten;

Both adorable and crazy and I could have happily brought them both home with me!!

Right I'd best be off - having a girls night with my sisters tonight to celebrate a birthday and draw names for our Not-so-Secret-Santa we do every year.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xx


Lizzy said...

Ooh! Adam Ant! Saw him at the Ipswich Gaumont! Many years ago now!

Lisa said...

I've still got a pair of fingerless gloves I bought back in the 80's from Chelsea Girl!
You are looking so well Vicki, glad you had a good time 'Relaxing'.
Lisa x

Vix said...

You are looking fabulous, Vicki! Love your Eighties outfit and swooning over the fur babies. The art wall looks great! x

**Anne** said...

An eighties party, what fun. Those furry babies are SO cute.
Anne xx

Jo said...

Swooning over those kitten eyes!

JO x

Shirl said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun - love your t-shirt. The family wall is a great idea.

Crafty in the Med said...

Fun time!!! great idea an eighties party and everyone looks as if they are having a wonderful time. You look quite the part! Dig those fingerless gloves LOL!
I had a family wall and I was adding to it and adding to it but I kept getting complaints from the family that it was too the end I took them all down in a huff!!! I liked it and I don't think it is Victorian tch!!!

Beautiful furry babes!!!

keep well

Amanda :-)