Sunday, 2 February 2014

52 weeks of Vicki - week 5 - A hot date with Harry

Good evening

Almost the end of a very busy weekend - the lack of lie-ins is hitting me hard. No time for them this weekend - 2 early mornings for 2 very different reasons. Today the christening of my littlest nephew - pics from that another time. 

Yesterday was a very special day - a belated 16th birthday treat for Little Son - a trip to The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. Something he's wanted to do for ages and ages - he's been a Potter fan since he was bought the story tapes to try help him travel better when he was just 3 years old. He feel in love immediately and by the time the first film came out in late 2001, he knew the story almost word for word. Hence at the end of the film, a little voice belonging to a cute blonde boy in wizard robes and armed with a wand was commenting loudly about what bits had been missed out - he gained lots of looks from people who thought perhaps he was some sort of early reading child genius!! We didn't spoil it for them !!

Here's just a few pics from a brilliant day out - if you haven't been I would recommend it - it is really good fun - the boys loved it and so do I.

The last part of the Tour takes you to this amazing model of Hogwarts Castle - the detail is stunning.

There are loads of room sets from the films - this is the Gryffindor common room - I could have happily snuggled up in front of the fire on one of those squashy chairs and sofas.

Ollivanders Wand Shop in Diagon Alley - again amazing detail. You just wanted to be able to go inside and choose your first wand.

All Potter fans will know there is one thing that the students love when they have time to go into Hogsmeade on their time out of school - Butterbeer - very expensive - 4 drinks in special beakers/tankards cost over £20 - luckily the boys Dad was paying!!

They managed to drink theirs without getting a Butterbeer moustache - I didn't ;)

The boys also went flying on broomsticks - I bought a picture of each of them doing that - and after a trip to the gift shop my purse felt rather light!! Luckily special birthdays don't happen to often - oh wait - its Big Sons 18th next week! Not sure what we're doing for that - am waiting for him to tell me!!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Miss Magpie said...

I got taken by my parents as an early Christmas present and loved it! I managed to resist the gift shop though I was pretty tempted by a wand.

RedSetter said...

This looks like it wasn't just a treat for the boy....! Sounds like a fab day out though I am curious to know what was actually in the butter beer!

Country Rabbit said...

how exciting!!! what a great trip x

Crafts @ Home said...

My daughter (Hermione) has been, and said it was worth every penny I gave her!!! and before you ask, she was given her name a year before the very 1st Harry Potter book was published......

Claire said...

haha fun! love the last pic :)