Thursday, 4 June 2015

Home is where you park it :)

Hello again

Still getting the hang of reading blogs again and commenting on them but slowly, eventually I will catch up - blogland echoes real life very much these days - happy news and some sad.

We are mostly happy here in No 6 - will be even happier in 10 days time when big son is home from Uni for the summer - we've missed him lots and it will be nice for the house to feel full again. he has finished his first year exams and has a couple of weeks of fun,sorting and packing to do. Plus catching up on his sleep and probably nursing hangovers!

Little son has just 2 more AS exams to do then its onto A2 courses and Uni visits before he gets a summer break. Then he'll probably spend his time sleeping, making You Tube Minecraft videos and podcasts and working hard selling ice-creams again.

One thing that has made me very happy in recent months has been the purchase of a little caravan (I  sold the old bigger one to friends when I moved house). S & I had been talking of getting something but nothing small and cheap enough had been found until a friend spotted something for sale in a little back road and called me. We went to visit and it was perfect - well the right size and price. The inside was very grim and there was lots of work to do on electrics, gas and water as well as giving the interior a good scrub and colourful makeover.

One thing about not blogging is I have got out of the habit of taking my camera with me so the following pics are taken on my phone and recycled from FB and IG.

Not the best picture but here she is - as yet un-named and in her first home of a friends field!

Recycled from last summer camping - a flowery welcome

A small but functional kitchen space - we are slowly filling the cupboards with existing bits and preloved treasures.

We soon decided that the carpet was not our colour - cheap and colourful indian rugs now hide most of it and are easy to clean after we've been away.

The other end doubles as a living and sleeping space - the sofas combine to make a cosy bed - so much more comfy that last summers airbed in the tent! The ceiling was a bit tatty but a throw covers this and gives it the feeling of the cosy aspect of a tent.

When we had our first trip away we decided that each time we'd have fresh colourful flowers in there to make it seem welcoming. The red leather tankard was my birthday pressie from S and we won Pingu on the funfair at Rochester Sweeps Festival.

Pictures and other bits have appeared - our tastes are slightly different but the mix of gothic, pagan and shabby chic seems to work together!

We made one door panel into a pin board for our collection of morris badges - a friend had already used this fabric in a cushion and bunting she made for my birthday so we chose to use this again and base the colour palette for the van around it.

We've had one lovely trip away and plenty more are planned over the summer. One downside is neither of us have outside space at our houses so the van has to live elsewhere :( - we both have a small pile of extra bits to add next time we take her away and I promise more pictures.

Right that probably it for today. I have found my camera and its packed for tonight - an evenings dancing out at a pub and then this weekend we've a day out planned and the camera will come along too!

Thanks for reading - see you soon

xxx Vintage Vicki xxx


Lisa said...

Here's to many happy holiday away in your new van.
Lisa x

moonstruckcreations said...

You are doing a great job of your caravan makeover! I have always rather wanted a caravan, or a camper van...perhaps one day!