Thursday, 11 June 2015

The taste of summer

Good afternoon

It's been a mixed few days with the weather - some days it feels proper summery and others the temptation to find socks has been very strong.

Last Friday was a very mixed day - warm but thundery and at times extremely rainy and thundery. The weather almost scuppered our Friday evening plans. We'd found an abundant supply of elderflowers and our plans included turning them into cordial - well the first part.

We decided to double the recipe and picked 60 gorgeous flower heads which once de-stalked were left to soak in a sugar syrup for 24 hours.

After we'd got back from a fun day out at a Medieval Fair, it was time to strain and bottle the cordial.

We'd got a collection of bottles ready and began the process. Whoops our maths was a bit off - more cordial than bottles! A call to a nearby friend produced a bottle and she was happy to take some from us and a promise of things from her garden in a few weeks was made. A mad dash to a supermarket and we bought the last litre pop top bottle in their kitchen section!!

My share was 2 litres of cordial which tastes like summer in a bottle - mixed with fizzy water or fizzy wine its lovely;

Should last me a while - though there is a vague plan of making elderflower champagne or cordial another weekend soon when time allows.

Am off dancing tonight and taking me camera - might even this week manage to take some photos!!

See you soon

xxx Vintage Vicki xxx 


Claire said...

thank goodness it looks like the better weather is arriving. I've never made this but it sounds really nice, I'll have to keep m eye out on the fields!

Vix said...

Welcome back! My Grandma used to make elderflower cordial and i loved it. As our house was once hers I imagine that the white flowers in our garden are elderflowers but I'm so hopeless with nature I'm scared to pick them in case we get poisoned! x