Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bloggy Meet-up @ Southwold - Just over a week to go :)

Morning all from sunny/showery Suffolk - am sure next weekend it will be so much nicer ;)

Just over a a week to go now till the bloggy meetup in Southwold - details as follows;

Date : Sunday 27th June

Time : 2pm

Where : The picnic benches by the entrance to Southwold Pier - then onto the cafe by the boating lake.

Who : leave a message below, or email me. Also do that if you want my mobile number too.

Go on - be brave - Southwold is lovely and so are all the ladies that did say they wanted to come too.

Have been busy this week - sewing, stitching knitted things together and also family stuff. Hopefully today I'll get some pictures taken to share with you all.

Have also noticed several new swaps appearing in blogland so I need to have a think about whether I want to do those too. I must also contact my Strawberry Swap partner to arrange to do that swap - everything almost ready to send.

Best I have another coffee and kick myself into action!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Tilly Rose said...

Hi Vicki
Am still hoping on popping down for the day with hubby....could you let me have your phone number to arrange to meet if I do please?
How many are you hoping to turn up?

Looking forward to a girlie goss....and a Southwold ice-cream!
Karen x x x

A Country Girl said...

Well, you already know I'll be there so I guess we just need to decide what time I'm picking you up.

bad penny said...

wish I could come !

Elizabeths Attic said...

Oh! sounds like such fun, if I did not live in the North West I would be there like a shot. Take lots of photos and enjoy yourselves.
Beverley x

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

oh sounds like fun, if only I lived nearer :(

Shirl said...

Hoping to come along too; making a family day of it with a bit of luck ... :0)

Could you email me your mobile number please.

Shirl x

patchfabrics said...

I'll be over all being well...just popped in to see what time as dh out til lunchtime.....

VintageVicki said...

Karen, Claire & Shirl - you should have mail ;)

Beach Bygones said...

I would love to come but am not 100% sure if I can make it as we have friends staying that weekend and it's my daughters birthday. But if the weather is sunny then hopefully we can all head up to Southwold as a day out and I can sneak off to come and say hello!

Pooh's Abode said...

Thought I'd left a message yesterday. Don't understand why it hasn't appeared. I'll be there but will be coming on my own so please be nice to me

Serenata said...

I was hoping to come, but over 2 hours driving will be just too much for my shoulder/arm to cope with unfortunately. :-( Half an hours driving seems to be my limit...very frustrating! I might see if I can convince DH of the need to go out for the day, but slim hope I would think. What a shame.