Friday, 4 June 2010

Summerhouse, a surprise & pretty parcel :)

Hurrah, its the weekend again :)

The boys have cleared off to a scout camp, leaving the parents behind - plans have been made to enjoy the peace & quiet - more on those next time ;)

The summerhouse is as finished as it can be for now - we still need a little table, some storage & clock but otherwise its done & much (in my opinion) improved;

Lots of bunting;

New cushions - one side for the boys & one side for me :)

Sofa has some new throws and I've allowed David Tennant to remain on the wall ;)

Now that would normally be enough for one post but there's more;

A neighbour dropped these lovely flowers off at lunchtime - MrVV had done some accounts work for him but wouldn't take any payment, so my neighbour bought these for me;

and then the postie arrived with a little parcel for me - all the way from New Zealand. Not sure if you remember or not but I had a spare CK magazine and offered it to any blogger. Well it ended up going half way around the world to the lovely Sarah @ Red Gingham. Well today a lovely little surprise thank you arrived;

2 parcels tied up with pretty ribbon and a gorgeous handmade card - inside;

Ribbon - I shall be using the handmade one on my next lot of makes :)

Also in there was this gorgeous pegbag that Sarah has made - very pretty and perfectly me. I shall now think of Sarah every time I'm hanging the washing out!!!!

I've been outside quite alot today - more planting to be done and veggie patch to weed. We are very lucky with our garden, the previous owner had a good eye for colour & plants and we get a burst of colour all summer.  One thing that predates even her though is the hawthorn hedge that borders the back of our garden and each summer I love it when it blossoms;

Have a great weekend - its supposed to be a scorcher :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Serenata said...

I got a lovely surprise present in the post from Sarah as well today! She really is such a sweetie.

Love the summer house - have a lovely peaceful weekend.

A Country Girl said...

Like the double sided cushions - deals with the boys horror of all things flowery very well!
Enjoy your weekend!

CraftyHelen said...

Your summerhouse looks so good now, it must be lovely to sit in.xx

Pooh's Abode said...

Love the summerhouse ....its perfect.
Are you going to the Suffolk Folk Festival Open Air Concert in Elmhurst Park, Woodbridge on Sunday? The Bounty Hounds are playing amongst many others []

Sarah said...

Loving the summerhouse make over xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Loving the summerhouse, absolutely perfect. Thank goodness we've got a lovely weekend forecast,too.

Pixiedust said...

Loving the summerhouse makeover, and your goodies. Have a lovely weekend. xx

Felted House said...

I have very bad summerhouse envy! But I'm happy for you that you have such a lovely place to hide in, the bunting makes it look so pretty. Bunting seems to be eveywhere now, perhaps I should clean out the shed and make some to hang outside, not quite the same as a proper room but I might be able to squeeze a chair in there! xx

Tilly Rose said...

What a busy girl you are...
All looks fab!

Have a good weekend
Hugs Karen x x x

Magic Bean said...

Great cushions and bunting. Enjoy them over the hot hot hot weekend. Ax

bellaboo said...

Your summer house looks so cosy and colourful with the lovely cushions and bunting.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the heatwave!

Bellaboo :0)

TheMadHouse said...

I think the summerhouse looks fabtastic! The peg bag is wonderful too. I like the idea of double sided cushions, very swish.

But the best thing about this post was the hawthorne. We had a wonderful hedge of them, well they we more like trees at the bottom of our garden in Berkshire and I loved them very much, we planted a rose to grow through them for Maxi when he was born.

JP said...

enjoy a grown up weekend!!!!

Alijane said...

Your summerhouse looks fab, love the cushions.

What a sweet neighbour, the flowers are lovely. I bet the pegbag was a lovely surprise too.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine, and make the most of no kids!!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Love your summer house - bunting and cushions look great xxx

Sarah said...

Your summerhouse looks amazing now!! You've been so busy getting it sorted. The buntings look fabulous and have the perfect amount of red in them. Well done on finishing it so quickly.

winnibriggs said...

The summer house is looking great and of course I love the bunting! You are very good making the cushions to suit everyone! Mine didn't get a look in, though some are seasidy so I suppose they are a bit more boyish.
Lovely pressie, we are so lucky with our blogger friends!
Have a great weekend.

all kinds of everything said...

The summer house is gorgeous!
you've made it very beautiful!!! The little gifts are so nice... love the pegbag
Have a great and sunny weekend.

JuicyFig said...

I think you need to invite all us bloggers round to a summer garden party to 'opnen' the summer house... :~)


My Grannies Attic said...

I love your summerhouse and the cushions are gorgeous!!!!

What a lovely pressie you had too - the peg bag is looooovely xxxx

Alexandra Mason said...

Your summer house is looking lovely! Love your gifts, hope you are having a great weekend xx

Menopausal musing said...

Lucky, lucky you to have a summerhouse. Something I have always fancied owning. Love the fabrics in that peg bag.

Claire said...

Love the tent, esp the patchwork quilt in there :)

Jackie said...

Your summerhouse is looking lovely - very inviting! x

handmadehappiness said...

your summer house looks ace I'm loving it.... go you with the interior design :)))) xx