Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The effects of blogging


I've been pondering about do this post for a while and today had got as far as taking a few pics with the view of doing a post sometime. However an email in my inbox prompted me to do it now.

The effects of blogging are far reaching - the never leaving home without a camera, the inability to open a parcel without taking photographs of every stage and of course the little voice in your head that says 'oh I must share that' when you make something new, try a new recipe or find the perfect piece of vintage clutter in a shop or market.

There are some really wonderful aspects too - taking part in many swaps & giveaways has result in blogging being part of my day every day - whether is having a cuppa from one of the mugs I've been sent;

Or sitting in my sewing room surround by pressies, cards and gifts from lots of lovely bloggers;

How does blogging affect your everyday life? and how much of your blog life do you share with other non-bloggy friends & family? As far as I know my family including MrVV have never read my blog!!

The email that triggered this evenings post was from the dotcomgiftshop - they've written an article called Vintage Blogs We Love and my little blog has been given a mention along with so many others that I enjoy reading on a regular basis - A lovely surprise which I needed to share with someone so who better than you lot :)

No S&B tonight both MrVV & MrCountryGirl are busy so instead the 2 of us have arranged a meetup on Friday for nattering and light shopping :)

Oh one more thing before I go - Amy @ Blighty Boutique is having her very first giveaway - 2 gorgeous prizes.

Right off now - need to stalk my Secret Santa Swap person and see if I can gleam a few more ideas of  what to include in their parcel - is it you I wonder??

xxx Vicki xxx


Jackie said...

ooh how exciting - congrats on your mention! Well deserved, I might add. Your blog is one of my favourites! Love the pic of your sewing desk x

MelMel said...

Well done!
I just had a look and was happy to see many great bloggers on there!
I do enjoy your blog so much! Now lots of other ppl can too!xxx

Sarah said...

I do think you get over that stage with time. I now find myself doing less for my blog of the fairly normal stuff and more of the creative things I do. I try to make it my blog and not my family's as I need to respect their privacy. Taking photos can really interupt family life so perhaps you could cut back in that area. You have to do what feels right for you and not for everyone else.

Well done for getting a mention, I will pop over and see what its about in a min.

Annie said...

I totally agree with everything you say about blogging, my family other than my mum rarely read my blog. Until recently I thought I had kept it very separate to work until I found that some of my colleagues were secret lurkers ! I also got a mention in the dotcomgiftshop blog, what a nice surprise.
Ann x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Blogging is a strange thing isn't it? I've had hard times from but, ultimately it has been a rewarding thing to do. I've met and interacted with some terrific people.

emma bear forever said...

Well done on your mention ~ lovely little work room you have there.
Justine x

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Congrats on your mention at Dotcom.... your thoughts on blogging are very similar to mine and I have also made some lovely new friends via blogger and met them in the flesh too! My DD1 is a nosey parker and reads mine but I don't share close to home and hate it if OH wants to know what I'm doing (good job he's snoozing at the momemt). Not that I am doing anything that I shouldn't but this is my little world and mine alone x

bad penny said...

That's so lovely that you've been mentioned.

I told a blogger who liked my Barcelona pics, "Well, I took them for you" ! and I meant it. My Blog & Blog friends are always on my mind these days.
I think I spend too much time blogging but it gives me great joy & has got me creating & sharing art again.
I have run into problems with my friends & my blog so now my blog is entirely for other bloggers.
I don't do facebook/ twitter etc but I love to Blog and it insires me to look for things to write about or create artistically.

Kandi said...

Oh wow, great to get a mention ~ loads of my favourite blogs are on that list! I adore blogging and as far as I know my best friend is the only person in my 'real world' that reads my blog, I'm a bit protective of it. No one at work has a clue that I mess about in crafts as at work I'm such a bloke! :)
Kandi x

Jacquie said...

Congratulations on the mention :0)
I love bloging so much .I love the interaction ,and because it's the pretty part of my life . When there is mess all around, minutes after I've tidied up,my blog stays just how I left it , no clutter and mess in sight :0)
My boys and Mr BM read my blog ,which I don't mind . The boys showed their cousin though and now my brother in law takes the micky sometimes which is not ideal !
Jacquie x

delia hornbook said...

Morning, blogging i have found is a great way to inspire yourself, it gives me the confidence to try new things and it also opens up my mind to so many other things about life, i am amazed about the kindness and the community support. Congratulations on your mention i was so suprised to recieve the same email and get a mention to i thought i was seeing things to begin with and i was so pleased like you also to see other lovely peoples blogs that i follow on there to. Have a great Day. Dee x

Pene said...

I have to say when I first set up my blog it took me ages to get into the whole blogging thing. But now it's something I do daily. Even if I don't write something in my blog I'm always watching what my fav blogger are up to. Your followers become like close friends even though most of the time you've never even met them. As for your secret santa I bet it's not me you couldn't get me twice hey lol. Am off to work on xmas dec for you Honest!!
Oh and congrats on the mention
Big hug Pene x

Jenevieve said...

Congratulations on the mention! You have a lovely blog and deserve the mention. When I first started blogging someone told me it would take over my life, but I'll meet lots of friendly, lovely people and well both are true! I need to do some more secret santa stalking as well! :) x

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Well done you Hun!!

Yes, blogging has engulfed my world too...I have encouraged my friend and colleague to also take up this fab hobby and will be intrducing her soon, unless you have already met her that is.

I always love your blog and the personal touch you give it. I think those are the blogs I lean towards more so, plus all your lovely goodies you have to show me each week.

Thanks Hun. xxx

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Oh that's the mug I have at work! It really brightens my day! Happy blogging, it's a bit of escapism for me!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I saw you on that article re great blogs, how fab! I am very much like you with the taking camera our with me and also the having to photo new makes to share. My hubby hardly reads my blog but a couple of mates have now started blogs as I kept talking about mine so much :-) Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, little Esme is still well so all is fab here :-) x