Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Keeping warm


What a cold week its been so far. This morning was particularly chilly when I got up. A quick peek through the curtains showed the world has turned white & slightly sparkly. After wrapping my dressing gown tightly around me I ventured out into the garden to feed the birds and break the ice on their bird bath.

To be honest by the end of the afternoon our north facing garden was still frosty in places. I guess I'll be out there defrosting the bird bath every morning now until spring.

When its this chilly a girl needs to keep warm - sometimes keeping warm means a clash of colours, much to the boys amusement;

And of course mugs of hot chocolate with a topping of marshmallows are an essential too;

Lastly at the weekend, I was chatting to my middle niece (aged 9) and I asked her what she would like for Christmas. I was expecting a reply that included books or something for her growing Barbie collection, instead she surprised me and asked that I knit her a scarf! So yesterday morning I headed into town to the yarn shop and chose something I know she will love;

Its a super-chunky and using 12mm needles means that I've actually knitted through 2 balls and have made a start on the 3rd. This will leave me enough left over to add pockets to keep little hands warm.

Right off to tidy the kitchen, nag homework to be done and then settle down to an evening of Kirstie and Turnback the High Street :)

xxx Vicki xxx

PS - Last mention I promise. Thank you for all the lovely orders and if anyone wants anything that I have sold out of let me know and I am sure I can rustle up a few more ;)


Kelly said...

I'm with you on keeping cozy!
I'm sure your niece will love her scarf!

topchelseagirl said...

Yes winter is definitely here, although it has been a glorious sunny day. She'll love the scarf

Leanne Flavell said...

Aww that is so sweet! I am definitely having a hot chocolate tonight for Kirstie and turn back the high street yippee!xox

Ditzy and Dotty said...

Love your socks - think that's what I need now winter is here! I'm sure your niece will love the scarf, isn't chunky wool the best? Knits up so quickly.

Jenevieve said...

Had frosts here too, so cold that fashion has kind of gone out the window! Love the colour of the wool, I'm sure she'll love the scarf! :) x

Kandi said...

That scarf is going to be fab, I'm doing one too at the minute and loving it!
Bless her asking for a scarf, my eldest has asked me to knit him a hat for christmas, orange and yellow ?!?!- it's the only thing he has asked for - he's 15 - go figure :)
Kandi x

Amy said...

Glad I snapped up some gingerbread men before you ran out! They arrived today along with the robins as they're lovely, as was the packaging! My first task this morning was also to feed the birds and break the bird bath. Lily (my dog) helped of course by banging about breaking any ice she could find. It seems she likes to eat it, silly dog x

Andrea said...

Love keeping cozy...have a fire in the fire place right now!

Twiggy said...

It's definitely weather for staying cosy - brrrr
Twiggy x

delia hornbook said...

ohh wasn't the tv good last night, i loved the 30's i did laugh with there antics and the compition im looking forward to the 60's one. You look so toasty and warm thats the one thing i like about the cold its a good excuse to dress up with layers love your blanket ;-) Have a lovely week. dee x

Josie-Mary said...

I love the cold weather, better then rain!!! Keep warm :)

bellaboo said...

Love the frosty mornings,wrapping up all cosy and taking Bella for long walks.
Have recorded Kirsty for watching later tonight.
The scarf is going to be gorgeous..I love that wool! :0)

♥coco rose♥ said...

Such a cosy post! Love it! You can't beat stripy socks! Currently typing in a pair with a big scarf wrapped round my neck and a steaming hot cuppa by my side.......oh it's cold this morning!

Scarf makes are on my list for my nieces too, although they havn't actually asked for them, they are just going to get them and lump it!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fab day!

Vanessa xxxxxxxx

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you for your blog comment. I also watched the High Street, but was planning to blog that at a later date (after the 1970's episode)! I might be brave enough to air my opinions on Christmas sometime. I know how many bloggers LOVE the festive season, so don't want to upset anyone. It's not that I hate Christmas, just all the hideous commercialism (so your scarf making struck a fab chord with me!) Enjoy the rest of the day. Lizzie x

Magic Bean said...

Hello Vintage Vic- love your wee gingerbread man at the top.

Do you think my aunt would knit me a scarf???


bad penny said...

That'll be a fab scarf. Loving the frost but now we have rain - loving turn back time too. The Butcher's son is a star !

Serenata said...

It has been frosty in the mornings hasn't it? Tipping with rain here now though...typical, they are supposed to be lining my shed tomorrow.

That scarf is going to look lovely!

JP said...

I'm addicted to Tuesday night viewing too!

Jille said...

Hi Vicki, Thanks for dropping by. I bought the coloured chocolate coins from BHS, being such a shallow person I was drawn by the colours of them - they are pretty!
Jille x

Menopausal musing said...

Well I just LOVE your clash of colours!!!!! What a great little lady to order a home made pressie from you. The girl has class!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Beautiful wintery pictures! The wool is gorgeous!