Sunday, 21 November 2010

A knitted christmas and special party

Good evening

Where has the past week gone? It seems to have slipped by in a mix of fog and festive making. I've managed to finish the scarf for my niece;

Had just enough leftover yarn to add pockets to keep small hands warm on cold winter mornings.

The other day whilst I browsing through blogland I spotted an idea on another blog that I knew I wanted to copy. For ages the idea has been in my mind to knit some 'paper'chains - when I saw some on The Blueberry Patch that Sarah had made some, it gave me the kick I needed too;

Since the photo was taken the chain has grown - another 2 to make tonight & it will be 20 chains long - plenty to string across my kitchen dresser :)

Yesterday was a very special day in the family calendar - it was my Grandma's 85th birthday. We decided this year it was easier to bring the party to her than for her to travel. We ganged together making cakes/scones/sausage rolls and lots of nibbles. Her cupboards were raided for vintage china and a very lovely afternoon tea was laid on;

The birthday girl & her daughter (my Mum). This picture shows where I get my lovely of clutter and heaps of stuff from ;)

It was one of those rare occasions where all 5 cousins were together and they posed briefly for a quick photo - very hard to get 5 faces all looking 'normal' at once!!

Today I've been very busy - I remembered I'd promised to make my Mum a patchwork throw for Christmas, so I've been busy cutting out squares/rectangles and piecing them together - am glad Mum asked for a random patched quilt rather than one that has all the corners perfectly matched up!!.  110 squares later the top is finished - just the fiddly bit of attaching it to its fleece backing and then binding the edges left to do. Hoping to get more done tomorrow and then I can take some photos.

I see from the weather forecast we are promised some sleet/snow later in the week - just in time for MrVV's first Christmas band engagement!!

Off to watch SCD - am hoping its Goodbye to Ann tonight, last nights 'effort' was just awful.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Pene said...

Vicki I haven't finished you swap yet but promise to have it done and in the post friday at the latest. Email me your address then I have no excuse..
Big hugs
Pene x

Lisa said...

Couldn't agree more Ann has to GO!
How lovely for your Gran to have everyone together for her birthday celebrations.
Loving the knitted paper chains.
You do make some great things.
Lisa x

Rose&Bird said...

Knitted decorations are great - I spotted some in the Mothercare catalogue a while back

How lovely to have everyone together for Gran's birthday x

CraftyHelen said...

I love your 'paper' chains. I have such fond memories of making them whilst sitting by the fire as a child. Thanks for reminding me.xx

Tilly Rose said...

How lovely to have a happy family celebration in this dreary grey Novemember!
Can't wait to see mum's patchwork....
x x x

Amy said...

Love the knitted chain! Glad your Grandma had a lovely birthday x

bellaboo said...

Love those knitty chains..I love all the old fashioned decorations.When we were small I remember my Dad used to twist those crepe paper ones into a garland and put them up all around the room and then put a huge one in the middle, hanging from the light.I'm sure they would look rather naff now! Many Happy returns to your lovely gran! :0)

Magic Bean said...

You still have your Granny. You lucky lucky lady. Hope she's had a really memorable birthday. Lurve the woollen chains. Ax

Pooh's Abode said...

Love the knitted chain. I have been thinking about making some of the old decorations this year but not sure I would have the patience to knit any of them.
Looks like a great time was had at your Grans - I love family get togethers.
BTW have posted photos of the items I made for Bean on my blog
Would be great to all meet up again some time
take care

Jacquie said...

Love your makes and your special family photos .The patchwork sounds fab ,looking forward to seeing it .
Can't believe Ann is still hanging on , it's WRONG , who votes for her ?!
Jacquie x

karen said...

Hi hun
I'm just loving the knitted paper chain idea the bright colours in it are fab ( really don't know why I avoid them so much in my own makes when actually they always draw me in lol)

Can't wait to see the finished quilt it sounds great.

Jackie said...

Lovely photos Vicki - and your scarf and knitted chain look super. Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished quilt (and hoping it doesn't snow in Suffolk this week - not sure I'm ready for that!!) x

Felicity said...

Hi Vicki
I love your nans room, it looks just like my nans used to! hope she had a lovely birthday! I made some paper chains in crochet last year, joshy stole them for his room!fliss xxx

TheMadHouse said...

I was very disappointed that Ann remained in. I NEED to learn to knit. Love the photo;s

Serenata said...

Cute little scarf and great knitted chains. Looks like your nan had a lovely birthday.

Gosh I feel way behind on swaps and things now...itching to get sewing in my new space!

emma bear forever said...

Wow knitted 'paper' chains - must try that next year. Love the scarf, great colours x

JP said...

great scarf and love the chains

Claire said...

ah the knitted paper chain! Lovely!

delia hornbook said...

Ahh happy birthday to your lovely Nan. Can't wait to see your quilt, and i love the knitted chain i saw one as on a blog and i soooo wish i could do it to its a fab idea. Have a lovely week. Dee x

BusyLizzie said...

So pleased to hear that somebody is with me on the waste and hype over Christmas. Carry on Knitting, it looks fab!!!

lemonade kitty said...

Love the knitted bunting and so easy to do and what a good idea to knit pockets into the scarf for little cold hands to pop into, Lucey xx

Jenevieve said...

The scarf is great, I love the little pockets too, I saw one similar in a shop near me and thought it was a great idea! The knitted paper chains look great too, will be great for the rest of year as well! Can't wait to see photos of your quilt! :) x

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

How lovely to have such a lovely get-together. I love spending family days! SueXX

Diane said...

Your Gran looks lovely and I love all her clutter. Thats going to be me in a few years time! It looks a great get together. XXXX

Sheila said...

Im glad your Gran had a lovely day.
Your knitted chains look really nice, they are so original! Well i know you saw them elsewhere, but you know what i mean!!!