Monday, 10 January 2011

Cakes, Swaps & men in white coats!


How was your weekend?? Ours seemed to pass so quickly - possibly something to do with lying in till gone 9 both mornings - oh the beauty of teenagers!!

Saturday night saw all 4 of us at the local panto - oh yes it did. As ever it was great and we've decided that a local production with faces we see everyday and local in jokes is better than the big budget professional shows.

Sunday was the usual whirl of housework, roast dinners and last minute school stuff.

I must confess I wasn't looking forward to today, I had my first physio appointment for an old ankle injury. Nearly 4 years ago I took a flying tumble during a game of chase with a bunch of 3 years old (I used to work in a pre-school). I ended up in A&E and the result was bad sprain. Its never really healed and over the summer it got very painful again so I finally booked a doctors appointment and today I'd got to the top of the physio list. Anyhow I shall be looking forward to my future appointments - my physio is drop dead gorgeous :) Have a feeling it might take several visits to get some results ;)

I started my exercises today and the boys have been in hysterics as I try to balance on my bad leg - they were wondering how long I'd last till I fell over!! At the moment 30 seconds is as much as I can manage - there have been threats of videos and Youtube!!

There was one other important task to start today - its birthday season here in the VV household and tomorrows its MrVV's birthday - a cake was started today - this gave me the chance to use the huge mixing bowl my MIL gave me when she cleared out her old house - it belonged to her Grandmother;

Trust me it was the first cake I've made ever that hasn't made a floury mess on the work surface when I stir it up.

Lastly for tonight - Lissylou is 2 years old and she's having a giveaway here ;

And Jackie & Miss S have allocated swap partners for the spread the bloggy love swap here ;

I've been paired with someone who is new to me so I shall spend some time this evening reading her blog and getting to know her.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Magic Bean said...

Poor you. I am so sorry that your ankle will take many painful visits to physio to sort out. What a shame that you will have a DDG man to ogle every time you go. Hope it is a very slow process...
Have a great week, ax

Ellouise88 said...

Hope your ankle isn't too painful but of course you must keep going to the physio until it is completely better! Nice to have a lay in for a change - teenagers are good for something after all!

Jackie said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle - but please visits to your phsyio will ease the pain - in more ways than one! ;-)

Happy Birthday Mr VV for tomorrow!

Am off to check out Lissy Lou's giveaway - thank you for the tip off! xx

delia hornbook said...

O dear im sorry to hear about your ankle injury. But i did smile when you said you had a gorgeous physio ;-)) I hope it improves soon for you but in the mean time enjoy the physio ;-) Happy birthday for Mr W. enjoy your week, dee x

keshling said...

Those massive bowls are great for baking!

crafts@home said...

Oh, its me! I'd better start rereading your blog!
Hope your ankle does recover soon.........Happy Birthday to Mr VV, I hope the cake tastes extra nice made in thet special bowl....

Lisa said...

Good luck with the appointments, they sound like there'll be very interesting!
Happy birthday to Mr VV.
Lisa x

emma bear forever said...

Happy Birthday Mr VV :)

Sorry to hear your ankle is giving you some trouble, I'm sure you will enjoy your physio though!
Oh I need that sort of mixing bowl then, I always without fail manage to get flour everywhere.

bellaboo said...

Ooh,I think I might need some physio too!! Ha! ha! Seriously..I did sprain my ankle last Summer and get the odd twinge even now.These things can take ages to heal can't they?
Hope yours gets better soon with help from gorgeous man! Just off to Lissylou's. :0)

Country Girl said...

Ooh, I feel all sorts of old war wounds playing up all of a sudden.
Happy Birthday to the old man.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh don't work too hard on those exercises otherwise you physio will end too soon ;-)

I used to have one of those lovely bowls - the kiddies accidently broke it - gutted!

Ohh Sue from Crafts@home is lovely, she makes the most fab things :-)

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

I so enjoy reading your are HILARIOUS!!
What I want to know:: Are you going to show the gorgeous new Physio your spotty bra?? LOLOLOL

maryannlucy said...

oh poor you, having to visit your physio on a regular basis - are you sure it is really hurting???????
Hope it starts to get better soon x

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle but the physio will do the job. I have a bowl like that , I snagged it from my Mum!!!! I too have been paired with someone new to me in the blog swap, its good fun though!
Hope you feel better soon,
Andrea x

Claire said...

Happy Bday Mr V!! Hope the ankle behaves itself :)

JP said...

hope the ankle improves - just love that mixing bowl

Helen Philipps said...

Lovely to read your blog! Hope your ankle gets better soon - or maybe not too soon?! That bowl looks so homely to me, my mother used to mix her cakes in one like that for years. Helen x