Sunday, 2 January 2011

Christmas part & New Year catch up


I seem to be days behind everyone else so I shall firstly wish you all a very happy new year.

Its been a stressful few days here - instead of coming home tomorrow, my poor FIL was rushed back into hospital early on New Years Eve. The upshot was he needed emergency surgery that evening. We were warned that due to his health things might not work out and we all spent a very tense few hours waiting for a call to say how things had gone. Amazingly he had made it through surgery and was in ICU for post op monitoring. He's doing really well and should be back into a general ward today with nothing more than a sticking plaster on his stomach to show for it all!!

As you can imagine it meant that we spent a very sober NYE and a very restless first few hours of 2011. After MrVV & MIL spent the day @ the hospital yesterday, they came back to very scaled back New Years meal - we shall save the crackers & party poppers for a proper family meal when FIL eventually gets home.

If MrVV & I weren't already going grey rather rapidly the past few days would have probably had an effect!

Today we've decided to pack Christmas back into its boxes and cupboards for a few months. The house is looking rather bare and also in need of a visit by an army of housework fairies.

I've been putting the final few Christmas pressies away and have also finally managed to upload the pictures I took over Christmas - not many this year.

A snap shot of some of favourite pressies - Kirstie's book which I am enjoying, snuggly handknitted socks (from MIL) and wristwarmers from a sister, a lovely new EB pen and the most gorgeous button necklace.
I was very lucky - I got 3 new charms for my bracelet - one each from MrVV, bigson & littleson.

I also found a load of pictures taken Christmas day when we were having fun and eating Christmas lunch - I thought I'd share these one of my 2 monsters with you;

When Mummy decides to buy a big box of crackers as she wasn't sure how many she was catering for on Christmas Day and it ends up being just the 4 of us, it means everyone got more than one cracker and big son opted to wearing all his hats!!
Honestly he only had one glass of wine ;)

Looking forward to this evening - the boys are off to their annual badminton club party / tournament and like last year MrVV & I are planning a quiet evening and a civilised evening meal!

Tomorrow is the last day of the holidays for us all to be together - hoping the weather is decent as we fancy a family day out - probably Southwold.

Looking at the diary the first few weeks of 2011 have started to fill up nicely. I've got 2 swaps to look forward to this year - Laalaa's birthday swap - I've now added another 21 birthdays to my already long list and Jackie @ Sew Special Bears is organising a Spread the Bloggy Love swap which has a valentines theme to it. This one is still open so pop over and sign up -  it means we'll all have something to open on Feb 14th then ;)

See you soon and thanks for 'listening'

Oh my boots in the last post were from Clarks ;) Must be getting sensible in my old age!!

xxx Vicki xxx


LaaLaa said...

Lovely post, Vicki! Happy new year. xx

emma bear forever said...

Happy New Year Vicki

Here's wishing that your FIL returns home healthy in the very near future.
Why do boys love to stack paper hats from crackers on their heads like that? Mine did the same thing! :0) x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Loving your lads 'tower of crowns'! Glad your FIL is doing okay love annie x

Kandi said...

Great to hear about FIL pulling through, it's a worrysome time. Looks like christmas was good to you with lots of handmade bits there! Happy New Year!
Hugs Kandi x

Kathy said...

What a worry for you all ... glad to hear FIL pulled through. Here's hoping the New Year brings happiness and healthiness!

Jenny said...

Glad your FIL is doing ok, such a worrying time for you all though. Happy New Year to you all, hope it is a happy and healthy one! xxx

Serenata said...

Lovely cheerful post Vicki. So glad to hear your FIL is doing okay now and how wonderful to save your crackers for another day - will be fun.

JP said...

gla dyou are ok - hope you get your day at southwold

Amy said...

Happy New Year! Glad your FIL is on the mend x

Jacquie said...

Glad you farther in law is on the mend. Love your christmas day pics.
Hope the weather is kind tomorrow.
Jacquie x

Jenevieve said...

Good to hear that your FIL is getting better, hope the new year will be good to you all! :) x

Linda said...

HaPpY NeW YeAr Vicki and I hope FIL improves and 2011 gets better from here now in. I also got Kirsties book for Xmas - whilst enjoying it, I feel we could both give her a damn good run for her money! Linda x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Hope you FIL gets better very soon.

Loved your pressies too. Have been tempted to buy the Kirstie Book.


Floss said...

Thanks for your news, Vivki - I am so glad to hear that your FIL is doing well now. What a time for you all! Have a wonderful 2011.

delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear FIL was so poorly again but so pleased to hear the good news about him. Happy new year and i hope its a magical one for you. Dee x

Lisa said...

I'm so pleased all is ok with your FIL again after such a worry. Hope he's home soon.
Love your button necklace!
Lisa x

Country Girl said...

Waiting for a hospital call is a horrid. Hope he is on the mend.
We must have a new year catch up soon!

TheMadHouse said...

Happy New Year