Monday, 17 January 2011

More cake and a teenager!

Good evening

How was your weekend/Monday?

As its birthday season here in the VV household, ours has passed in a mix of celebrations, cake making (again) and pressie wrapping.  Its the smallest member of the households birthday today - little son has reached a new milestone - he's become a teenager. I think I started something when I made him a loud cake last year - had to think of something different for this birthday;

A mix of fondant icing, blue butter icing and a huge selection of his favourite sweets - lets just say the sugar high will be over by next weekend!!

Rewind to yesterday - in order to celebrate the 2 birthdays in the past week, we headed off out to our favourite carvery for Sunday lunch (think we did the same last year - we're creatures of habit) - here's the birthday boys with their overloaded plates - for once MrVV was defeated by a meal (a very rare occurrence);

Afterwards we headed to Southwold for a walk and a play on the arcades - big son had us in stitches as he attempted to "cross the motorway with a zimmer frame";

This morning started early - one excited new teenager who had no idea what he was getting from us - lucky little devil got a rather shiny new bike;

He's been thoroughly spoilt by family & friends and he was thrilled with his cake. Am now wondering what I can do for next month for big son when he turns 15;

In between cake decorating, housework, sewing  and watching 'Land Girls' this afternoon, I've managed to fit in a rather soggy cycle into town - found a couple of cracking bargains in the charity shops - but I'll share those next time.

xxx Vicki xxx


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gosh you have been so busy! The cake looks amazing!

delia hornbook said...

Wow you have had a busy weekend but a fun one though ;-)) Love the cake my boys would like that with the haribo's on i will remember that ;-) Happy birthday to both your lovely boys. Can't wait to see what you found in the chairty shops. Have a lovely week, Dee x

bellaboo said...

Wow,those carvery portions are amazing! Happy Birthday to the boys! :0)

magsmcc said...

Oh happy birthday, yonug man, and well done you! I know i haven't commented in ages- truth be told I generally feel utterly unworthy next to your productivity and shine! But I saw you over chez Floss, and wondered if you'd like to willow with us this week- you'd be quite the scoop!

Floss said...

Happy Birthday to all! Your boys hit their milestones before ours do, but I have to say that it feels like we already have two teenagers in the house (sigh...)

The cake is a stunner. And well done you with the boules clue. When I saw what you'd written I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of that myself! But I hadn't.

PS Do join in the Wind and the Willows event if you can!

lemonade kitty said...

Oh no, I forgot land girls was on, have to get hubby to see if he can find it (I was going to say video it but now I think its sky+ lol)Lucey xx

Debs said...

Love the cake - you don't mind if I 'borrow' the idea for my soon-to-be-16 son next week, do you?
Be prepared to put in some earplugs - he's having a drum set for his birthday!!

Jacquie said...

That cake looks like my boys idea of heaven...thanks for the inspiration,now I've just got to remember this in May :0)
Jacquie x

liz said...

Hi Vicki, Looks like youv'e been busy with the sweets too! Great cake and a lucky boy indeed, a new bike is a great gift to receive! I must get over to Southwold and blow the cobwebs away, I do like a good walk along the beach this time of year. (And I could do with walking off some of those sodding sweets!!)

crafts@home said...

Happy Birthday to the new teenager, what a lovely looking cake! :-)

Debbie said...

I too have a newly teenager in my house! My daughter!!!
Still finding it difficult to deal with the tantrums and mood swings!Lol
I hope it will get easier!
Birthday wishes to your very gorgeous son!
(The cake looks fab. too).


Magic Bean said...

Great cake missus. Get your thinking cap on for the next one... Ax

maryannlucy said...

What a great weekend, and a fantastic cake - I must go and put the oven on!

Kandi said...

Now that's a proper cake that kids will love!
Kandi x

Tabiboo said...

Happy New Year Vicki - sorry it's a bit late. And happy birthday to your boys - food is most definitely the way to a man's heart.

Nina xxx

Lisa said...

A special birthday that one!
Those yorkshires look huge!
Lisa x

emma bear forever said...

You have been busy :0)

Your son's birthday cake look's great, I'm going to have to pinch that idea for my hubs birthday in March ~ although he would most probably prefer that carvery.....HUGE portions! xx