Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Five minutes peace!!

Good morning

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas? We had a great day - just the 4 of us and I must confess that's our preferred way. We can please ourselves - and it means if we fancy a mid-morning doze on the kitchen sofa then its fine (one of us had a bit of a 'thickhead' for mixing her drinks on Christmas Eve!!).

Christmas morning started at 7.30am when the boys appeared in our room - armed with mugs of tea and their stockings to open. I do love this part and there are rarely any photos as I prefer just to watch it happen and remember it in my mind. They were very happy with their mix of pressies - including new hats which appear to have remained on their heads for the past few days.
Once stockings were empty and tea was drunk, it was downstairs to open the pressies under the tree. Wow such a lot this year and I'm pleased to say everybody loved everything - no pressies to 'regift' at all.

Here are a few photos from the rest of the day;

Little son in his Monkey onesie suit - he's worn this loads - really suits him!
One table set for lunch.
A warming glow once all the candles on the piano were lit.
MrVV and 2 hyped-up teens!

Little son & I.
Little son again.
Just some of my pressies - loads of new books with ideas to inspire, a hat, a scarf and a mini hot water bottle.
Big son and MrVV - reading out their awful cracker jokes.

I tried this year to make quite a few of my pressies for Christmas and any December birthdays too - here's a mosaic which shows them all. BTW the knitted monster for my nephew was a big hit - he tells me its his favourite pressie!!

One final set of pictures for today - a mosaic for December;

Right I'd best be off - a trip out to the sales is planned - I've been saving up to replace lots of household things that have broken and worn out - am hoping I can replace many of these today at bargain prices.

See you later in the week - I've got my results for the December Photo Scavenger Hunt to share with you - it was a special one - a Festive A-Z!

xxx Vicki xxx


Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! We all have a onesie each too! So comfy!
Love your makes. Hope you find what you are after in the sales.
Lisa x

Serenata said...

So glad you had a wonderful fun time, love all the photos. Good luck at the sales. You are braver than me, I couldn't face going the shops at this time! ;-)

Pink Milk said...

So glad you had such a lovely day - love your photos!

I think your monster is brilliant!

Good luck in the sales - I'm sure it's dog-eat-dog out there! :-)


Lotti said...

Merry Christmas, looks like you had a wonderful day. All of your december makes look great but I have a definite soft spot for that lovely mug cosy!

Vix said...

What a wonderfully bright and colourful Xmas you had. x

Liz said...

Looks like you had a great day - love the little button heart.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

MelMel said...

Looks like a great day was had by all!

Lovely pictures!x

bellaboo said...

You have a sofa in your kitchen....sigh! Looks like a perfect family Christmas.
Hope you get lots of bargains in the sales. :0)

Tea at Weasel's said...

Looks like the perfect Christmas!Your handmade pressies look wonderfull... I'm sure everyone of them was grately receive, :0)

I got the CK Crochet tin for Christmas too...!!

Best wishes for the new year xx

janis said...

Splendid Christmas! Great photographs and lovely gifts! I really love the Coffee cozies. I need to try and a make a couple of those myself♥
Love & a Blessed New Year to you Vicki~

whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

Looks like you had a great time, Vicki. Love all your photos.