Monday, 5 December 2011

Peggy Fairy & A Felted Pudding

Good evening

Wow just how cold was it today?? Even with my customary 3 layers I was still cold. We were lucky here in Suffolk - no snow/sleet/rain but I saw on the news tonight that others have seen their first proper wintry blasts.

At least now I've finished my leg-warmers - though the boys have told me that I'm not allowed to leave the house in these if they are with me!

I tend not to worry if others don't like my 'look' - I'd rather be warm and woolly!

I managed to complete one of the jobs the other day that I'd initially planned to do in September once the boys went back to school. We all know why I've taken so long ;) I'm trying to empty my freezer to make room for some scrummy Christmas treats and there were 3 tubs of blackberries in there that I picked in August. Finally they got their chance to become jam;

You might have seen Dawn mention on her blog today about our little trip out together yesterday. We headed to Snape Maltings to the Cool Yule Christmas Market. Oh how brilliant it was. So many stalls with loads of wonderful handmade goodies. We spent ages browsing the stalls and of course neither of us came away empty handed;

Peggy Fairy made by a very clever friend of mine and the most wonderful needle felted Christmas pudding. Both are great and I can't wait to put them on my tree this weekend - just need to send MrVV up into the attic to retrieve it.

I bought this Acorn and Will  brooch from another stall - I've seen these on loads of blogs and had promised myself one at some point - I do need a replacement for my felt poppy on my coat!!

I've been out today too - back to the hospital for a check up with the orthopaedic people. They are pleased with how I'm doing and I don't have to go back to see them again but just carry on with my weekly physio sessions (such hardship ;) ).  Once they'd reassured me that I can't do any damage by just walking and I can reduce the number of supports in my shoes, there was only one thing on my mind - SLIPPERS. Again I'd planned to buy some in September - our house is tiled downstairs and whilst these are great in the summer in the winter they are cold on your feet. We stopped off on the way home so I could treat myself. Again not the most stylish of items but again warmth is far more important;

Fair isle, furry lined and pom-poms - what more could a girl ask for!!

Right that's enough for now - my computer is in the hall and its draughty in here so I'll bid you all goodnight.

See you soon.

xxx Vicki xxx


Kandi said...

Great to hear you are on the mend, and I think you deserve several new pairs of footwear after the boot you have had to wear lol.
That needle felted pud is beautiful; I'm itching to try needle felting.
Kandi x

Gem said...

Love the leg warmers and the slippers, both look lovely and snug and warm, just what you need for these chilly days :) x x x x

Stocki said...

What do young boys know about fashion anyway? You go warm and woolly...then at least I know there is one other person in the world who is sporting their hand knit leg warmers! Love your slippers and so pleased to hear that you are mending nicely :)x

Magic Bean said...

Just don't go dancing to Fame with those leg warmers on... Ax

MelMel said...

Loving the slippers!
I have the birdy mine from Happy Loves Rosie!xxx

lemonade kitty said...

Love your peggy fairy she will look lovely on your tree. I think I'll treat myself to a "birdie" brooch too it'll brighten up my winter coat, Lucey x

Claire said...

i would have gone to the Snape market but we were staying with friends. That fairy is CUTE!
I might see if i can get to the Woodbridge market next Sat!

**Anne** said...

I love your leg warmers and if I was as cold as you, I'd be wearing them too. One of the delightful things about getting older is not caring what others think of you. So LIBERATING. I love your slippers too, those pom poms are so cute!
Have a wonderful day,
Anne xx

Josie-Mary said...

Love your leg warmers, being cosy is far more important! :)

Serenata said...

Good news about your ankle and I just love your leg warmers, they are great. I agree, warmth is FAR more important, especially at this time of year.

Cheryl said...

I think your look is great and I agree, comfort is more important than anything else and it is good to see you in shoes at long last :}

Jenny said...

I'm on the side of comfort too, nothing better than a pair of cosy slippers. Glad to hear you are doing well.

Scarlett said...

How cute are your leg warmers and slippers! Glad you are mending well :o) Scarlett x

Country Rabbit said...

lovely post- i went out in woolly leg warmers way to be is warm and snuggly- i love the fair isle slippers too ;0)...i have a pair more Scandinavian the bird brooch and the sweet peggy fairy- sooo sweet x festive wishes x

delia hornbook said...

;-)))) You have been doing the same as me ;-)) I made my blackberry jam also to empty my freezer ;-) And i to ordered a brooch in fact i ordered a few extra's for friends can't wait for them to come expecialy my bird brooch after seeing yours ;-)) Glad its good news at the hospital. And your leg warmers are super cute. dee x

Anonymous said...

Good to see you getting out and about. Love your Christmas goodies from Cool Yule. Both your leg warmers and slippers look very cosy ... :0) xxx

Penelope said...

I always thought leg warmers were a fashion statement but now I'm in my 40's I can see the wonder's of their functional uses :0)

We must be quite like-minded to have made the same mug hugs me thinks and also the fact that I too have those red swallows from Acorn and Will ! How funny is that x

Pretty at Heart said...

I love Peggy Fairy and think that your leg warmers will look great sticking out of the tops of boots - or anyway in which you want to wear them......I've given up listening to the kids!!
Glad you have been able to move on to slippers......and such lovely ones - I can't resist a pompom myself!!

Jille said...

You deserve your slippers! Just to let you know postie has delivered my mail. Thank you very much! Will blog about it in a couple of days.
Jille x

Anonymous said...

Love the fair isle slippers,sooo cute!,take care,lots of love,juliexxx