Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cake & thrifting

Good afternoon

Brrrrr - after almost springlike weather for a few days its started to turn chilly here in Suffolk. I cycled into town this morning and rather wished I'd worn my hat - apart from a cold head, my sightly damp hair got blown about and I came home looking rather too yeti like! I'm also sporting a rather eclectic selection of clothes - skirt, tights, 2 t-shirts, woolly waistcoat and I've just added a cardi too - back to warm & woolly again.However I am so loving being able to get out and about its going to have to get pretty cold before I stop my now daily cycles. So far my ankle is holding up well - in fact it seems more mobile and less swollen :)

The birthday cake I was baking in the last post turned out rather well;

The topping is a chocolate ganache made with 2 bars of MrVV's favourite Dairy Milk chocolate. As its rather rich it should last quite a few days - probably till its time for another cake next Tuesday when Little Son turns 14 - he's not so little now - he's as tall as me and those bones are still rumbling so am sure it won't be long till our different in height is very noticeable.

I also mentioned in my last post a lovely CS find - here it is - a 50's frosted hyacinth bulb vase;

Its cleaned up rather well and I'm in two minds whether to keep it or too sell it on.

One of my plans for 2012 is to be more thrifty and I've been spring cleaning cupboards to make sure that things in there are either being used or if they aren't then they need to sold on. I found at the back of one cupboard the base and coffee grinder from a long departed blender. I nearly put them in the car boot box when I had a brainwave. I like to keep a stock of breadcrumbs in the freezer and normally have to grate the crusts which is fiddly - I wondered if the grinder might work and be able to produce crumbs? Hurrah it did so its now allowed to stay and it means that all crusts can be crumbed much quicker;

Last night was finally our S&B group Secret Santa swap - its been hard getting the group together as real life often gets in the way. Well finally last night all those that wanted to take part were there. Parcels were secretly put into a bag and then when they were all in - the pile of pressies was put out into the middle of the table. Everyone took turns to choose a parcel - I wish I'd taken photos there were some wonderful makes.

Here's the contents of the parcel I received;

This embroidered heart hanging (I've shown you both sides) was made by one of the ladies who runs the group - I'd only been admiring earlier in the evening something similar she was making so I was thrilled with this. The fabric are all iridescent and I think this needs to hang somewhere where it can catch the light and the breeze - I have a place in mind - just need a hook putting in place.

Lastly the postie has just been - thank you Annie - The Felt Fairy. I won some bag handles in a recent giveaway - its part of the encouragement for the Monthly Makers. Am also loving the Boy George postcard that was in there - I so loved him when I was younger. I've got some fabric that will make the perfect bag - just need to find a template for what I have in mind.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx 


MelMel said...

So pleased you have been out and about on your's such good news that you are on the mend!

The cake looks tasty.....have a fun time!x

Country Girl said...

The hyacinth vase was a lucky find, they seem quite scarce these days. I'd hang onto it if I were you!

bellaboo said...

I would keep the vase,it will look lovely with a beautiful hyacinth in it and you can use it year after year.
I had the urge to bake some cookies today, but I left out an ingredient...golden syrup,and then I couldn't find any cocoa in the cupboard,so I used some of the hot chocolate drink powder I was given instead,but they've turned out more like cakes!.....Oh OH will eat them anyway! :0)

Liz said...

Cake looks delicious!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

lady liquor vintage. said...

Such a beautiful vase! The cake looks great too,


peas and carrots said...

Such beautiful embroidery, you must be very pleased with your swap.

Magic Bean said...

Hope your breadcrumbs don't taste of coffee!

Madison said...

Gorgeous hearts Vicki. I'm glad your ankle is on the mend and you're able to get out and about.

Madison xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

You are most welcome darling! I love that cake, is it so wrong for me to lick the screen! lol!

Tabiboo said...

Happy New Year Vicki - sorry it's a little late.

I know what you mean about the yeti hair thing - I've turned into one of the hair bear bunch this week!

take care,

Nina x

Saphy said...

great you were getting out. were you wearing a cycle helmet?

The month is nearly halfway through and I have no idea what to do for my monthly make...let alone the next 11. I am sure inspiration will strike.

love your little heart hanger, a nice pressie to receive.

delia hornbook said...

Great find with the 50's vase i have 4 of these already i love them there great for just dafs into as well ;-)) Lovely santa pressie to. Enjoy, dee xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

What a lovely bulb vase - I'm not sure I could sell it but then I'm a big fan of vases generally. Happy birthday to your Mr!

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

I'm so pleased that you're feelingbetter all round, and out and about on your bike :o)

Love your candles that you made, and your little owls are sweet :o)

Have a fabby, happy weekend Vivki and take care.

Sheila said...

Yay, im so glad you feel well enough to cycle, even if you did go out in damp hair!! What are you like?!! That cake looks so fab, i love chocolate...yum,yum!

handmadehappiness said...

your cake looks soooo yummy!!!! xx