Monday, 16 January 2012

PIF winners and other stuff

Good afternoon

Did you have a good weekend? We did :) It started with a walk on Saturday morning with MrVV went via the local Panto (oh yes it did) and ended in a family meal out - rather lovely.

Right important stuff first - remember I was a PIF winner in December and in turn I offered 3 people the chance to receive a parcel from me sometime in the next few months??

Well there were lots of takers - sadly there can only be 3 winners. So in true blog fashion, the names were put into a vintage teacup and the following 3 were the first ones out;

and last but not least

Ladies I will be in touch to get your details and then all you have to do is sit back and wait a few weeks for the postie to bring you a parcel and then in turn you offer a parcel for 3 lucky people - simples :)

In other stuff news;

I received some more yarn from Cath Kidston so I can finish my Crochet Tin project. Lets just say this hasn't been the experience I expect from a brand like CK and the quality of the yarn leaves a lot to be desired. I think in the fairness of it all, I shall be writing a proper review so that others who are considering buying it are prepared :(

Much better news - I decided the other night to make something for me - a fancied one of the infinity scarves I've made for pressies and the forthcoming craft fair. I decided to recycle some yarn I'd previously used for a couple of knitting projects (blog posts on 27.9.10. & 16.9.10.) Its a Debbie Bliss product her Eco cotton yarn - the colours are lovely and its great to work with. Firstly the 2 scarves had to be unravelled - that took a little while;

I've finished now the basic scarf - I'm just waiting for another ball to arrive so I can finish the edges off neatly and then I can show you the finished result.

Lastly for today - there have apparently been some fantastic sunrises/sunsets recently - sadly our house doesn't get to see them. In the mornings the rising sun is hidden behind other houses and trees and even in the afternoon its hidden behind a massive oak tree in a neighbours garden. I did manged to get one photo the other day which shows the glow of the setting sun, between the bare branch of our cherry tree and the said oak tree.

Right - another day - another birthday cake is baking - this time for little son who turns 14 tomorrow! Oh and there are parcels to wrap too.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


handmadehappiness said...

loving the unravelled scarf wool.... can't wait to see it re crocheted!!! x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Gorgeous colours for your scarf. Look forward to seeing it finished. xx

Dina said...

I have the CK crochet tin. I found the instructions very confusing as I am beginner. Also have the knitting one..unfortunately the hinge on the tin broke so it doesn't close. Very upset about that lol :( x

Louise said...

I had CK's "Patch" for Christmas and while I love the pictures I've noticed there are many typos in the text, and the fabric provided to make the bag on the front cover is not at all of the usual CK quality. You do expect more from CK.

delia hornbook said...

Happy birthday for your little man ;-)) Look forward to seeing your scarf when its finished its nice making things for yourself. Glad you got the rest of the wool from CK even if your not happy. Enjoy your week, dee xx

Saphy said...

I did not buy the ck tins as not happy with the quality of the contents. Children seem to have for to many birthday's! I wish they could have them every other year! they grow up to quick!

**Anne** said...

I'm glad to hear you received some more wool to finish the CK project. I'm wondering why a company with a "name" lets their quality control slip so badly. It really is very poor. I remember reading on another blog that their CK mugs were rubbish and had to be replaced. It's just not good enough when you are paying good money for a supposedly good brand.
Looking forward to seeing your scarf.
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Son.

I went off CK a little while ago - poor quality and over priced.

Love the colours of your wool. Nice picture of the sun through the tree. I've managed to capture a couple of the sunrises and sunsets too, absolutely magnificent ... :0)

crafts@home said...

Ooooh, thanks for picking me out of your vintage teacup :) Nice to know you can at least finish your C.K project off.
Sue Xxx