Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Freewheeling :)

Good afternoon

I saw the physio yesterday and as you can see from the next photo - he said YES :)

So once I'd had a quick practise around the garden and down the drive this morning, it was time to load up my basket and head out into the big wide world - carefully. The old wives saying is right - riding a bicycle isn't something you forget. I headed across town to visit my Grandma - thought I'd surprise her. It was lovely to be able to visit under my own steam. I was there for ages having a coffee and good natter. I'm going back next week to start helping her with her housework again and also to have our weekly put the world to rights session.

Next stop, the yarn shop - I've starting making towards a craft fair and I needed desperately to replenish my yarn supplies further - once I got the new stuff home and put it into my basket, I couldn't resist taking a photo - so colourful;

I also called into all the charity shops including the one I help in. I'm starting back tomorrow to do a short shift - building up gradually as I get stronger again - can't wait. I found something in one of the other shops but I'll show you that next time - it needs a good clean up first.

The teacup candles I showed you in the last post came out really well - I'm very pleased with them. I think I'll be making more of these in the coming months. Just need to find some interesting containers as not everyone I know is a teacup sort of girl!

Lastly for today (am blogging whilst I wait for MrVV's birthday cake to cook - he reaches the grand old age of 45 tomorrow!), here's something I've been working on this week - felt owls. These are proving rather addictive to make - again more stock towards next months fair - however the dark blue & red one belongs to big son - he saw me making these and asked for one for himself - apparently owls are cool.

Right best go and check this cake and then possibly hook up a few more pieces of bunting with my new yarns.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Kandi said...

Congrats on the bike ride :0) you must be getting loads better!
Your little owls are cute, bet they fly off the stall (geddit?)
Kandi xx

Gem said...

Yay, great news :) The tea cups looks lovely x x x x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

so glad to hear you are up and about again Vicki!
I've just had a little catch up on your blog - I too popped over to Lucys over Christmas for some hooky inspiration...and made the same as you!!! (on previous post, but I love it so I managed to sneak it into current post too!)
Have a good week
fee x

Bee happy said...

How cool to be out and about!! congrats :) love your bike and basket and your gorgeous bag :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Mantha said...

Great to hear you are out and about agin, love the owls too.
Have a great evening :)
Mantha xx

bellaboo said...

How LOVELY for you to be able to ride your bike again...freedom! I haven't been on a bike for years,maybe this will be the year I'll take to two wheels again!
Take care now. :0)

MelMel said...

How great that you can ride again! FAB!
Love the spotty bag too!x

Aunty Bee said...

Great news that your back on the bike. Love the colourful yarn.

Pretty at Heart said...

Good work on the tea-cups.

I agree owls are cool........particularly the ones you have made!!

Marieke said...

It must feel great to be able to do all those things again! enjoy it :)
I love the colours of the yarn you bought, so bright!

Floss said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Bike-Day! Ben will be 45 in September - how exactly does time creep like this? I'm so glad you're up and about again. I gave myself a temporary break from mobility this weekend by falling whilst skating, and I really felt for my friends like you who've been out of action or in pain for a long time.

Saphy said...

Fantastic to be back on your bike!!! love the owls as well.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I bet you cut a real dash on your gorgeous bike! The basket of wool looks so yummy and your owls are a sure seller xx

Claire said...

yippeeeeee! Love the hooter on your bike :)
I was clearing my desk today and found all the candle making supplies i bought months ago to make tea cup candles. i'm going to have a go very soon!

Cybèle said...

Owls are very cool. I have an owl cushion in my front room and everything owly elicits an 'awwww!' from my 12yo.
Good to see you riding the bike again!

Magic Bean said...

Hoooraaay!!!!!!!! Ax

**Anne** said...

Fantastic news!!! It must be so nice getting out on your bike again and going where you want when you want.
I bet your Grandma was so excited to see you, she must of missed you when your weren't able to get around.
Gorgeous new wool and gorgeous, gorgeous owls. I love 'em.
Have a fab day,
Anne xx

whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

Love your owls,Vicki - so sweet x

whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

Love your owls,Vicki - so sweet x

whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

Love your owls,Vicki - so sweet x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Congratualtions on getting back on your bike. I bet they will be no stopping you now!

Cute little owls and love that basket of yummy colour. Looks like you will have loads of lovlies to sell at the fair.


Tea at Weasel's said...

Yay...well done on the bike riding, sounds like a super trip out, blasting away the cobwebs...Fab! Your new yarn looks totally scrummy and the hand stitched owls are adorable :)

(Happy birthday to hubby by the way, hope he enjoys his cake!)

Louise xxx

liz said...

Hi Vicki, Thanks for dropping by my blog, lovely to catch up again. I will be at the Greenpeace fair for sure, I love it! Looks like you've been busy making again. We must have the same mags, I loved that owl design as soon as I saw it! I have been experimenting with coloured bells on the bottom instead of pom poms, and I ditched the tassels as they hung all wrong on mine, but yours look great! Looking forward to a chat at the fair next month,take care till then and Happy New Year!

Becky said...

I'm new to your blog (popping over from Lucy's) and wanted to say "hi". Glad you are feeling better. I'll come by often.


delia hornbook said...

aahh such lovely new to hear you back on the bike ;-)) There will beno stopping you know. Love those tea cup candles i have one and i love it. Just look at all your new wool i love it gorgeous colours. Those owls are so cute. Happy birthday to MrW. dee xx

Country Rabbit said...

oh how i miss my old rusty bike- i loved that sense of real cycling freedom and getting out in the open...your bike looks fantastic with a basket too- woweee!
love the tea cup candles and those colourful owls!!!!- wonderful!
nothing more eye candy than a basket of colourful wool balls ;0)

yes! your totally right! the spring weather lasted one day~! grey and drizzly here too ;0(x
glad your on the mend my sweet x

Angelfish said...

Lovely to she that shot of your bike basket and polka dots too, what more could a girl want:o)

Fiona xx

Lisa said...

Really excellent news about being able to cycle again!
Lisa x