Thursday, 15 November 2012

Autumn mornings and lovely parcels

Good evening

What a gorgeous day - it started with a proper autumn morning - misty but with sunshine. As I cycled down the lane this morning I wished I'd brought my sunglasses the low sun was shining into my eyes. Everywhere looked pretty and as I was actually a few minutes early for work, I hopped off my bike to take a few photos;

The tree in the last photos I've nicknamed Squirrel tree - when the weather is warmer there are always squirrels there - I think there's a drey high up in the branches. You can spot the older ones - they leap from tree to tree with no fear. The youngsters are more cautious and I'm amazed in the 10 years we've lived here that one hasn't landed on my head or in the bike basket!

A busy morning at work - Christmas stuff was flying off the shelves as fast as we could find it, price it and put it out! Still looking for items for the CS swap I'm taking part in - something will appear soon - either in our shop or one of the others. I've high hopes the little church shop will have the perfect thing soon. The only downside is my swap partner has very similar tastes to me - I might find something I can't bear to part with!!

When I got home from work there were parcels on the doorstep for me :) A new toy for the kitchen that I shall be testing tomorrow - a slow cooker - I've wanted one of these for ages and we finally decided that we would get plenty of use out of one.

There was also a parcel from a company for a product review - I need to do that tomorrow as there's more time after school and I need those boys of mine to help.

Lastly 2 pretty parcels for me. One a giveaway win from a maker on Facebook - Fairy Shack makes lots of cute things and I was lucky enough to win this Toadstool house in a recent giveaway;

Also in the parcel was this little fairy kiss - so sweet;

The other parcel was a little present from me for me - a purchase from the rather talented Fi @ Chipper Nelly - I've loved her blocks for a long time and decided that I needed one of her Christmas ones - the little gingerbread houses are just so cute;

Is anyone else watching the new Kirsty series on C4? I'm not sure so far about it - was hoping it might be less twee? The 60's styling last time wasn't me sort of thing - I'm hoping the 50's stuff tonight will be more colourful.

Thank you for your good wishes on the last post - I am feeling better but I'm awaiting an appointment to have an ultersound scan - it would seem my gall-bladder isn't happy and might need removing!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Pooh's Abode said...

Hi Vicki...which charity shop do you work in? I have quite a few things I need rid of including craft items and wonder if your shop would take them

Lizzy said...

Watched Kirsty last week, didn't like the 6o's style, it just looks old fashioned to me - the sort of thing I grew up with. Will record it tonight as now off to the hoticultoral society meeting, the talk is called Gardening through the year. so looking forward to it.

Paula lalaboo said...

Awww poor you on the gall bladder front. I had gall stones after eldest was born, the first time I had an attack I thought I was dying! This went on for ten months. They did prescribe pethadine but I had to be careful and could only use it when I had the other half about as you would get right out of your head. Not a good mix when minding a baby. Good luck with the scan results.

I am just going to watch Kirsty now. Mmmm it really is missing something. But I have seen peeks of this one and it looks colourful at least. Cute fairy toadstool win. Will have to pop over there. I feel an addition to my xmas list coming on!

P x

Isobel said...

I am watching Kirstie's show right now and loving it! I hope you are enjoying it too.
Lovely pictures and parcel goodies. Hope you ultrasound will be ok. xx

Crafts @ Home said...

I love your ride to work, so colourful... and those goodies in the post must have cheered you up today after the news about your gall- bladder, I hope you are o.k.
Sue Xxx

My Vintage Mending said...

Vicki...could you adore fee anymore...What a lovely spot you have here..smiles..Renee

Lisa said...

I forgot the Kirstie show last night, will have to what it on catch up!
Hoping your appt goes well today, fingers crossed.
Fee's blocks are so pretty aren't they, you made a fab choice there.
Lisa x

Josie-Mary said...

What a beautiful ride to work. Hope you get some good news from the scan :) x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Gall bladders can be very naughty, a few friends have had theirs removed and life got much better for them! I watched the programme last night, liked the playroom, seemed more realistic with the budget than last weeks! :)

Vix said...

Poor you. The few people who've had their's removed have been really happy with the outcome.
I'm not really a fan of Kirsty but I loved last night's chairs. x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Aw thanks for sharing the chipper love Vicki! Happy days
fee x

the vanilla squirrel said...

.....hello there i have just found your lovely blog through happy loves rosie...i'm following..!x

BadPenny said...

Gall stones are our family curse ! I remember my mother in so much pain. When I developed them I had them out. They are in a jar in the bathroom cupboard... look like gravel ! Good luck. The op is straight forward if you do have to have it xxx

Lovely goodies - much nicer than horrid gall stones !!!

Jill said...

How picturesque is your cycle ride to work - it looks so pretty.
Love the little mushroom house you won. Well done.
All the best with the ultrasound.
Jill x
PS - if you get chance, pop over to my blog, I'm having a giveaway.

Sheila said...

I think there has been lots of mixed reviews of Kirstie, i normally love her so i hope it gets better.
What a lucky lady, but i think that you need those nice treats (p.s. mmmmmm yummy slow cooker!!) after such a busy morning!

delia hornbook said...

Beautiful photo's the trees are looking stunning at the moment. What lovely parcels to, enjoy them. Hope your not in to much pain and hope you get your scan date quickly. Take care, dee x

The Custards said...

Sorry to hear about your gall bladder - wretched thing! One of my jobs was was working in operating theatres and my task was to cut open the gall bladder and count the stones inside! If it is any comfort they do look quite pretty! Lovely trees also!
Best wishes