Monday, 5 November 2012

Gingerbread Men, Raindrops & Autumn Views

Good morning

What a difference 24 hours makes - yesterday it was dark, damp and raining for most of the day - this morning the sky is clear and the garden bathed in autumny sunshine. I am being brave and planning on hanging washing outside!

The weekend started well with a Friday afternoon baking session;

I found a fab and simple recipe on the BBC website - we shall definitely be having these again - they've proved very popular over the weekend.

Saturday wasn't a great day - plans for a family day out in Norwich or Cambridge were scuppered when Little Son woke with a migraine :( Rather that all of us stay at home, Big Son & I caught the train to Ipswich and left MrVV to nursemaid duties. Big Son wanted to start his Christmas shopping as well as buy a present for a friends forthcoming birthday. We had a lovely time together wandering round the shops and having lunch. I might have started my Christmas shopping too!

As I said I woke Sunday morning to the sound of rain on the bedroom window - one peak outside made me decide it was an indoors sort of day. Chores were done in the morning and part of the afternoon was spent watching the Grand Prix and crocheting. My Giant Granny blanket is coming on rather well - just 2 more colours and then I think its finished;

It was rather lovely sitting under that yesterday whilst adding a couple more rounds.

As its sunny this morning, I thought I'd go into the garden and take this weeks Autumn Views Challenge pictures;

 The back hedge is slowly being stripped of its berries - at least we are left with a wall of green over the winter.

 The birch is losing leaves quickly now - MrVV spent ages Saturday raking them up so he could give the grass a final cut for this year.
 The trees in the front garden at almost bare now - again MrVV got the task of raking on Saturday!

I love the cherry tree at this time of year - the leaves are the most gorgeous fiery colours.

One thing I did notice when I took the first picture - the rose on the summer house is still producing new buds and flowers;

Lastly for today - one picture that sums up Sunday nights in the VV household rather well;

Waiting for Downton Abbey (such a shame it was the last episode last night) - armed with glass of wine, wearing fluffy socks and covered by a blanket - utterly blissful.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Miss Organic Fair Trade Knickers said...

Loving the blanket. Wish I could crochet like that :)

The Vintage Gardener said...

Lovely photos and those biscuits look delicious! My sympathy goes to Little Son with a migraine. I take Maxalt Melts which usually get rid of it within 20 minutes. They really save my life!

Vintage Jane said...

Gorgeous blanket. Hope little one is fully recovered now. M x

delia hornbook said...

I can't wait for the christmas one of downtown now it ended so lovely last night but i am going to miss it heaps. Sorry your little one had a migraine my Dylan suffers with those so i know what its like. Those biscuits looked lovely. Your blanket is looking gogeous love the colours. Have a lovely week, dee x

thriftwood said...

Looks like a lovely weekend Vicki! It's gorgeous here too, I've been for a long walk beside the sea and hung my washing out too!

Happy Monday!

Claire xx

Crafty Helen said...

That sounds like a blissful Sunday evening. I was recovering from eldest son's birthday party at the Suffolk Ski Centre. Who would have guessed that 9 boys could get so wet or be so loud?! XXX

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Yesterday was a very relaxed day for us too, I wasn't child free til 9pm, then sat with a cuppa and watched Downton! Bliss! :)

Irene said...

Beautiful photos, stunning blanket and scrummy biscuites.

Alix said...

Your gingerbread peeps are too cute to eat! Sunday was a washout here too, but what a lovely excuse for snuggly activities> Have a lovely week.

moonstruckcreations said...

Love the autumn pics, the cherry tree is looking stunning!

We enjoyed the grand prix as well, especially as we are big fans of Kimi Raikonenn in this house!


Lucy said...

Your blanket is lovely - so very pretty. I watched Downton too, am looking forward to the Christmas one already :o)

Charlotte said...

Oooh this makes me want gingerbread men and your granny blanket is looking fab

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely photo's, the gingerbread men look yummy! x

Lisa said...

Blanket is looking good. What a shame LS was poorly on Sat, though lovely for you to get out with BS alone for some time with him.
I like easy recipes, may have to investigate further.
Lisa x

Blueberry Heart said...

Not sure if you've received an email I sent regards the swap - gremlins seem to have interfered a bit recently with my account...:-(
I'll send you another, but my email address is:

'speak' to you soon!
BH x

...Tabiboo... said...

Your gingerbread men look far nicer then mine - here's to keeping warm.

Nina x

BadPenny said...

I shall miss Downton on Sunday nights. Loved the cricket match & all the lovely costumes.
Your giant square looks fab. My mum & brother used to suffer from Migraines - awful things - hope your lad is feeling better x

Penelope said...

Great giant granny Vicki, it's got a real vintage look to it. xox