Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ideal Home Show at Christmas - Christmas Cake Decorator Competition

Good afternoon

Just a short post today. I received an email earlier in the week from PR company inviting me for a day out at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas next week at Earls Court in London (14th - 18th November). Sadly I'm unable to go but I thought other might be interested in knowing about this event - especially part of it.

Basically take along your decorated Christmas Cake on Thursday 15th November by 2pm and you and a friend will get free entry to the show that day! All the details are here and there's other information about the show too. This a sister show to the long running Spring Ideal Home Show and this is its 2nd year. 

I wish I was able to go - I get rather excited about Christmas and as hard as I try that excitement starts before the beginning of December - its done well this year only to start early November!!

I've found my Christmas Cake recipe and have added all the bits I need to this weeks shopping list - tradition dictates that the VV household cake gets made on Remembrance Sunday as normally I have a quiet house with 2 of the menfolk out all day. This gives me time to get the cake made and baked. Here's last years effort;

Once this weekends parade is out of the way those brass playing men of mine know the carol book will be out - though most of the band know the notes by heart! I've been given a list of festive engagements and note the first one is actually the end of this month!!

Just scary how quickly 2012 is going past!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Perfect letters on a perfect cake! :)

Penelope said...

We don't tend to have Christmas cake here,not great fans of it. I can shamefully say that have never baked one before. My mum always made mince pies when I was a kid and I tend to follow on with that little tradition. Yours looks fab though xox Penelope

Lucy said...

I'm getting all my Christmas cake ingredients in this week's shop too although mine is normally rough iced at about 10pm on Christmas eve, not as pretty as yours! Enjoy your Sunday :o)

Isobel said...

Your cake looks awesome. I will be looking forward to see the one you are going to make this year.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Good work - you are so clever.
Send me your address so I can post your little block! fee x

**Anne** said...

I don't make a Christmas cake, but yours looks lovely.
Anne xx

Josie-Mary said...

I've only ever made one Christmas cake & it cost a fortune! Cheaper to buy :( Yours looks lovely x

Crafty Helen said...

I'm off to Earls Court next Wednesday, so I will let you know what it was like. XX

The Custards said...

That is some great cake design you have going on there! I am looking forward to this years version
Christmas is in the air!
Best wishes

Sheila said...

I really want to make a Christmas cake this year! Yours looks fab!

ALoadofOldTat said...

Got my fruit soaking in brandy as we speak, don't think it will make Earl's Court though!