Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Pause In Advent 2012 - No 2

Hello again

It seems the hanging up of an advent calendar and the eating of chocolate or opening of doors makes the month go past quicker.

The boys have already munched their way through the top row of theirs;

 This weeks pause is about rituals/traditions - things which we do at the same time and the same way each advent/Christmas - am sure many of you are the same.

The first one is the hanging of the advent calendar. Bought when there was only one son from a Christmas charity shop. The pockets use to contain a few sweets and also a few treats and Christmas activities. It was meant to be a stop gap until I made something but that has never happened and now its probably too late. Those boys of mine are growing up fast and now need reminding about their chocolate each day!

The calendar hangs in the same place each year and I like to put it up on November 30th and fill it so its waiting for the next morning.

The other thing that happens at the same time is the first bits of Christmas find their way onto the dresser in the kitchen;

My calendar is stuck on the cupboard door, a candle is put out and lit when I have a few quiet moments to myself. I also gather together some of my Christmas ornaments.

Other things that have to happen are the cooking of a ham joint on Christmas eve so we can have it for dinner that night, always with baked potatoes, red cabbage and pickles.

This gets eaten after we've been to the open air carol service - though last year only 3 of us went - big son opted to stay home and make sure dinner was ready for when we got home!

Oh and for the carol service - a hip flask is filled with sloe gin and  when I meet with my friends and sing carols - we keep warm with the odd nip or two!

What special things do you family do?

xxx Vicki xxx


Tracy said...

What lovely traditions you and your family share, although as they get older it's seems harder to keep they as family traditions as they want to do other things, I'm finding with my older two that there are something's they still want to be involved in and others they don't and it's getting that happy medium between going as a family or going as part of a family xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Advent calendar is a must, as is a Dickens Christmas Carol scene my Mum painted years ago! :)

Angela said...

We had a tradition that in each pocket was a chocolate and a bible verse. Every day one girl got the choc, the other read the verse and blu-tacked it to the door. By Christmas day the chocs were all eaten and the Christmas story was there, complete, for us to read! blessings x

Irene said...

Thank you somuch for sharing your Christmas traditions with us.

Country Rabbit said...

lovely festivities- lovely way to start advent ;0)...keep cosy with your lovely family x your home looks so welcoming and festive too xx

Fat Dormouse said...

Even if your children are getting "too old" for traditions, I guess that they will keep the memory of them in their hearts and treasure them. And, who knows, when they are older perhaps they will re-find these traditions for their own families...
God bless, Vicki.

Magic Bean said...

Too many traditions to mention except my favourite... the reading of The Night Before Christmas with all of us in our big bed with the fire roaring and a glass of something tasty before we hang up the stockings.
Enjoy the next couple of weeks- aren't they magical??

Kezzie said...

You have some lovely traditions! I don't seem to have any traditions! When I was first a primary school teacher, I used to read a chapter from The Christmas mystery each day to my class and then two children went to the Advent calendar stocking I have, in which I had put two little gifts and they got to keep those. They were fun years! It was a pity when I wasn't in class then onwards as I became the Music teacher!

Primroses Attic said...

My children choose a new bauble each year for our tree. It is now full of beautiful ornaments and memories.

Lizzy said...

I like a festive loo roll! Like to start using it from the 1st!!
I have a set of Christmas plates and bowls which I like to get out on the 1st and use until 12th night. I pack my normal ones away and always look forward to getting them out.

sandy said...

Fun traditions! We too always had an advent calendar. Now that our kids are grown up and married we no longer have someone here daily to open the windows. But I DO order several Jacquie Lawson advent calendars for the computer to give to our grandchildren and young children we know. Of course I get one for myself and I STILL get excited opening it daily. Check it out online at

Fiona said...

Lovely traditions.

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Such sweet Advent traditions that will bring you years of delightful family memories. My grandkids and I enjoy going to one or two Christmas music programs during this holiday season as well, and I am often able to go to Christmas Eve candlelight services at church. That's always a blessing, indeed! Have a blessed "Pause in Advent!"