Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ta-Dah Tuesday - Giant Granny is finished :)

Good morning

Just a quick post - I should be doing something else! However its sunny today and just enough good light for a picture of my giant granny square blanket that I finished this weekend. Oh yes Saturday afternoon rugby is ideal for this - one eye on the tv and another on the project!

53 rounds of trebles and 2 rounds of singles to neaten the edges and its done. Mostly in Stylecraft yarn and apart from the centre & edge all the colours are different. It started as a using up the odd bits project but grew - I now have more leftovers but that's fine as our families special baby due in March wants a colourful blanket!


Its rather lovely to snuggle under on these chilly evenings. It will also come camping in Bertie with us next year I'm sure. We've got our first trip planned already - MrVV & I are off to Folkeast for the weekend together next August - first time I've ever persuaded MrVV to camp at festival!!

Oh if colourful is your thing then have a look here at the blog of a friend of mine - Scarlet-Sometimes - she's a colourful, clever lady who makes the most brilliant things and also renovates old caravans with her partner too.

Right - to the housework!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Irene said...

A beautiful and stunning blanket.
Thanks for sharing.

Vintage Jane said...

Gorgeous colours. Perfect for putting a smile on your face in the winter months! M x

Angela said...


Deborah said...

Well done it looks amazing!

Bee happy x

Scarlet-Sometimes said...

cor!!!!, lovely blanket Vicki :-), and thank you for your lovely words xx

Vix said...

What a beauty! the colours are so vibrant and cheerful! x

Ditzy and Dotty said...

This is so lovely - I bet it took you hours and hours to make! Well worth it though

My Norfolk Life said...

That's beautiful! Such happy pretty colours!

Lisa said...

You've made a beauty of a blanket there!
You'll have to come and camp down south and then you can teach me to crochet!
Lisa x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

It's great, will keep you all cosy! :)

Crafty Helen said...

I'm another one in need of crochet tuition. If only we didn't have to do the housework (5 hours today and still not finished), there would be so much more time for the fun things...XX

Thrift Bee said...

Simply delightful. And neat as a new pin. Well done you.

Claire said...

eeee love it! mine is growing steadily :)

Jacquie said...

It's so lovely Vicki!! I like the double rows of colour a lot .
Stunning crochet :0)
Jacquie x

humphreycumfycushion said...

Gorgeous! I love these vintage inspired blankets.

delia hornbook said...

Its gorgeous Vicki well done ;-) dee x