Friday, 7 December 2012

The Christmas Cracker Swap

Good afternoon

I do love it when the postman brings a parcel for me - often just bits I've bought online but sometimes something special and today was one of those days.

I was partnered with Kerry @ Blueberry Heart in the Christmas Cracker Swap. Quite simple - take one kitchen roll tube - wrap it in festive fabric and fill it with lovely pressies for your swap partner.

Here's what I received;

 One cracker wrapped in fabric printed with stripey streamers.

 Inside 8 parcels including a chocolate Santa (he tasted great!!)

 A christmassy scented tea-light, a little pouch of festive pot pourri, 2 christmassy pegs and the most gorgeous little clay decoration with my name on it.

Also some festive stick-ons which will look lovely on some gift tags when I get round to making some and a felt snowman making kits - though this might get used slightly differently as I have a project in mind!

Here's what I sent to Kerry;

A little felt toadstool house decoration, some embroidery scissors, a christmassy tea-light, festive ribbon on a dolly peg, spotty buttons, some CK shower gel and of course chocolate in the shape of coins and christmas puddings. I forgot to take a picture of it all wrapped up in its red & white fabric with spotty ribbon.

Thank you Kerry for being a lovely swap parcel and Tracey for organising this swap. This has been such a lovely one to take part in - a simple idea and I had fun finding things that would fit inside my tube. I have to confess a couple of things wouldn't so an extra little package was attached!

Have a lovely weekend all - more carol playing for my brass players and I need to plan a little trip out of Suffolk for myself next week!!

xxx Vicki xxx


The Custards said...

A cracker swop!! What a cracking idea that is!
all looks lovely and cracking!
Best wishes

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Lovely little swap, I love the toadstool you sent! :)

thriftwood said...

Lovely swap Vicki! Xxx

Lisa said...

Lovely swap items sent and received.
Lisa x

**Anne** said...

Fabulous cracker swap with gorgeous goodies being sent and received. I also participated in this swap, it was so much fun.
Anne xx

C. Dianne Zweig said...

FABULOUS blog, love your photos and posts. I just added you to my blog roll and RSS feed. I hope you will sto by and say hello and perhaps add me to your blog roll, thanks, Dianne

the vanilla squirrel said...

....such a lovely idea and fun finding things to fit in the tube!!! Loved your toadstool too x

BadPenny said...

What a lovely swap. I'm seeing these all over Blogland !

Tracy said...

Another fab cracker swap, what wonderful goodies you both received, don't forget you can add you pics to the flickr group too.