Thursday, 11 July 2013

Busy doing nothing

Good morning

On doctors orders I have been taking it easy this week - yeah right!! I have been trying to take it easy but as a single Mum who has two teenagers, a house which can't clean itself and no means of transport I've tried hard to go at a slower pace - not easy especially if you factor in the need for 3 doctors appointments the other side of town and the mountain of tasks to do with my impending house move too!

This has been the view at times though;

I repainted the picnic bench a few weeks ago and then added the vinyl flowers to 'Vicki' it up! Add in a new parasol from an outlet shop and its gone from unloved to much used :)

The inside of the house has been pretty at times thanks to lovely friends and lots of flowers - including some homegrown sweet peas from my mate, Dawn.

As I thought more photos from my fab Morris weekend have appeared - this time including ones of me - whilst its fine if I don't know the pic is being taken, if I see the camera I still end up pulling a silly face as these next two show - oh well I was having fun!!

 You can just glimpse a cheeky pic of my fab new bloomers here - perfect on the beach when it was windy!!

This week for the boys has been a not normal school week. Big Son has been volunteering at school decorating classrooms - he seems to be enjoying this and some paint has made it onto the walls - however he comes home with white freckles most days too!

Little Son has been doing work experience at a local primary school. He has wanted to be a primary teacher since the age of 6 when he had the most wonderful male teacher. He's been having a great time and loving his week. Today he made an extra effort and as you can see he is really looking rather grown up these days!

Lastly for the past 18 hours I have been wired up to a mobile ECG monitor - roll on this afternoon when it comes off - the wires and sticky pads are annoying and I hate missing my bedtime bath and morning shower!! It is just a precaution after my little blip - would be interesting to see what happens to my ticker when I am hounding teenagers out of bed in the morning!!

Right time to hang washing out and get on with another day of pottering/resting and hopefully some crochet in the sunshine later too! (Sunshine is currently hiding!!)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


The Custards said...

Golly gosh - I have been catching up and ready of your hospital 'events'! I should say that is frightening - perhaps a rare reaction to the anaesthetic (do you know what they used by any chance? I worked in theatres for a few years so curious). That monitor you are now rigged up to will pick anything up. Rest, rest, rest and enjoy the sunshine
Best wishes

Vix said...

I love your Vicki-fied bench and those cheeky bloomers! Your son looks so grown up and handsome. xxx

greenthumb said...

I think that's great that you son wants to be a teacher as there is not enough male teachers in our schools.

**Anne** said...

You look so happy in those beach photos, so glad you had some you time. Yes it's not easy finding rest time with young people to care for. I hope you do have a restful weekend.
Anne xx

Jen Walshaw said...

You look amazing and so much better. Love the table

Michelle Fallon said...

Oh no, just catching up on your posts. I do hope you feel better soon xx Your bench looks lovely and I just love the bloomers. I'm thinking of making a pair as I haven't seen any in the shops here in Ireland. Take care and rest up x

Claire said...

those bloomers are fab! haha!!enjoy you rest!

Lizzy said...

Well we certainly have the weather for "taking it easy" love the bloomers!

Amanda Graham said...

Love the bench and the bloomers- I'm glad your son wants to be a primary teacher- good for him. Take it easy :)