Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Festival Fun in the sun

Good afternoon

Oh what a day - I've spent it at the local hospital (26 miles away) in a department I'd never heard of and which took me ages to find this morning despite having a map! I've been injected with a bit of radioactive stuff and something else which the Doctor referred to as the drug of doom! Oh was he right - I got all the side effects and still feel like I've been on the cider!! Back tomorrow for more radioactive stuff and another scan - no drug of doom fortunately - I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy! Luckily the effects are now wearing off and I don't think it will stop me from dancing tonight!! and yes it is at a pub!!

Anyhow, back to Sunday - a very warm and sometimes sunny day spent 20 minutes up the road at the now increasing popular Latitude Festival. I've been before - 5 years on the trot but missed last summer for a number of reasons. This year I went just for the day with my mate Dawn and it was utterly fab.

We had a lovely easy drive there - no big queues for the car parks and even the wristband exchange was speedy once it opened. Left home at 10am and by just before 11am we were sitting with coffee (her) and noodles (me) in the Comedy tent waiting for Marcus Briggstock and friends to put the world to rights.

We watched loads and wandered miles - the site was bone dry and very dusty - of if meant cider was needed - not to much but a pint at lunchtime was very welcome.

I didn't take too many pictures - I kept forgetting!! 

We did have a wander around the lake to see the sheep - something of a tradition for us;

 I love seeing these - especially in the weeks after the festival when they return to their normal grazing - must make people who don't know about the festival wonder why Suffolk sheep are orange, pink and green!!

When I've been to the festival with little son (he was just 8 on his first visit), he loved the children's area. Well this year it was even better - I bet some parents spent many hours in here - I was tempted to borrow a small child so I could join in too!

 Sandcastle sculptures

 Giant bees

Large colourful flowers - straight out of Tellytubby land!!

Oh I did wear my new dress but stupidly forgot to take a photo!

I am ever so hopeful that next year, Dawn & I might decide to go for the weekend together - if either of us win the lottery we would definitely go for the glamping option - we both rather fell in love with the Yurts and Bell Tents!! Failing that, I think I'd be happy in my little tent.

See you soon - I'm off on a giraffe hunt on Thursday with the boys and friends - must remember to not only take my camera but use it!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Amanda said...

At least you had some fun after the horrible tests. x

Vix said...

So glad you managed to go this year. It looks fab, I love the sheep and the sand sculpture. Sorry to hear about those nasty tests. xxx

Kashi said...

I love your attitude, no matter what happens to you, you stay positive. You are a lovely lady.

**Anne** said...

That medical procedure sounds YUCK. Glad to hear those side effects are going.
The festival looks like a whole lot of fun.
Anne xx

greenthumb said...

Hope it's all going well for you, looks like you had a fun day out.

The Faerie Factory said...

Good to see you had some fun before that horrible medical procedure. Hope all is going well ~ Sarah x