Friday, 19 July 2013

Mother & Child


Hurrah - we've reached that point in the year again - last day of school :)

6 weeks of summer hols with my boys - rather a lot (should) be happening plus if this gorgeous weather could continue we'd be very grateful - rather enjoying eating outside and having lots of barbecues. Oh and the upside of everything in my life being 'complicated' this year means I've lost weight and am loving not hiding under layers - whilst I'm no supermodel its rather nice to feel the sunshine on my skin and not feel like I am going to melt!!

Anyhow - just one picture today - quickly snapped yesterday morning. A green woodpecker and their baby - these are very skittish and you have to be quick & quiet or else they'd fly off ;

This was taken from an upstairs window on my little camera with max zoom so not perfect quality but nevertheless (I think) a lovely snap.

For those with school age children - I hope you enjoy your summer hols. I know my two can't wait - no timetables, for little son no uniform and for me - no pack ups and alarm clock!!

See you soon with I am sure one or two photos from Latitude!

xxx Vicki xxx


Primroses Attic said...

Vicki Enjoy your break. My son has two more days to go. Then we can please ourselves. Love the picture.

The Faerie Factory said...

Have a fabby summer hols ~ Sarah x

forgetmenots blue said...

Oh I know cant wait for no timetables!
Your photo is so sweet they look very cute together x

Miss Magpie said...

Very cute.

Crafts @ Home said...

Love the birds, especially the baby! So nice now everyone is on holiday, we had to wait for one to finish this year, who did AS's and then continued with A2's until the end of term.... she was soooooo ready for a break......

greenthumb said...

Have fun we just went back after 3weeks winter break.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

good work Vicki - we have a woodpecker who visits our garden regularly and I haven't managed to get one single photo yet - never mind one of 2 together!
My #3 has another week to go - and I can't wait til we're all off. REALLY hope this weather lasts - will make it easier for all of us!
Enjoy the time with your boys
fee x

sweetpea family said...

Hope you have lots of lovely fun with your boys x

Louise said...

It is a lovely snap. Sometimes, just having the snap, the memory is more important than how good a quality it is. I've got loads of terrible photos that I keep as I'd rather a poor photo than none!

I've not done too well in the heat, I can't cope with it, but yesterday and today it has gone back to 'normal' chilly and overcast! I'm hoping the good weather will return in time for our holiday. I can't believe it's the end of term, the years go so fast!

Gillian said...

We just broke up too and are looking forward to no routines and a few lazy mornings. I hope your holidays are a time to unwind and relax.
Gillian x

bellaboo said...

Enjoy the break and have fun with your boys!
I remember that 'last day of the Summer term' feeling well,and the holidays seemed to go on for ever didn't they?

Bellaboo X