Tuesday, 2 June 2015

You don't remember me - do you?

Good afternoon

Long time no see - entirely my fault, life got busy and I stopped blogging. Also my old desktop PC died and its taken a while to save to get a new shiny laptop and learn how to work it - even now I am unsure if this blogging lark will even work and if it does whether I can get back into the swing of it.

Lets see if I have learnt how to save photos and also if I can get them on here!

The easiest way to catch up is a photo mosaic from each month I have been missing.

So November - a smallest giant treat an afternoon of archery, Remembrance Parade, my other half took up Molly dancing my initial role to make a Molly style raggy for a Christmas display, a birthday cake for S and a treat night out - a Bellowhead gig.

December - so much stuff I got roped into Molly dancing, big son came home from Uni for a month, little son played his last brass engagement, we went to the panto (twice - 2 different ones) and we celebrated Christmas in style.

January - more dancing both Molly and Border, little son turned 17 and he gained a title!

Feb - we visited big son at Uni for his 19th birthday, there was Valentines day and Shrove Tuesday to celebrate.

March - more dancing, my birthday, mothers day, little nephews birthday, the eclipse and we bought a little caravan (more on that another time).

April - we danced for St George, celebrated Easter, had a very sunny day out at Southwold and spring began to appear in the garden.

May - more dancing and little stumble!, visiting big son again, decorating my dining room, garden sorting time and my first ever trip crabbing.

Ok so that's the past 7 months in brief - I will be back with proper posts soon and I want to catch up with bloggy friends and their lives.

Sorry its been so long

xxx Vintage Vicki xxx


Country Rabbit said...

hi vicki lovely photos~ morris dancing is such fun and often ive jumped in and had a go~ but my hat goes off to you as i have two left feet, my mother and step dad belong to a side in devon with sticks and tatters...xx

Lisa said...

Wonderful to see you back in Blogland.
You have been so busy with lots of lovely things.
Your boys are so grown up!
Looking forward to hearing more about the caravan.
Lisa x

Tracy said...

Hi Vicki, lovely to see you back in blogland and for sharing all your fab photos. I can see why you have had little time for blogging. I do love your Morris dancing photos x

magsmcc said...

Welcome back x

Josie-Mary said...

Welcome back! :)

Miss Magpie said...

It's good to see you back. x