Thursday, 24 September 2009

Beds, cards and a busy week

First of all I must thank everyone who has commented so far on my new venture into blogland - I love reading all the comments. Thank you also to those that are now followers of my blog - makes me feel very special :)

Well where has this week gone too? Good news Will is now better and is back at school.  He's still to regain his appetite but we're getting there.  Had a funny incident the other night with him sleep walking and me nearly having to clean out the camping gear cupboard!!

As I mentioned on Monday we have a new bed.  Am very lucky that MrVV imports & sells furniture - have been waiting ages though for something new to find its way to our house. Is always the way the cobblers children were always the poorest shod!  Anyhow we've gone for hotel luxury living style and have a superking size monster - great as it means I actually have space at night and no longer nearly fall out everytime MrVV turns over.

Am planning on dragging MrVV shopping at the weekend as we still need to get another duvet cover set and I think its about time we finally got some new pictures for our room too.  The ones you can see are very old and match colour schemes in a house we've been left for almost 7 years.

I've not been neglecting my blog this week - its more the fact that the week has run away from me. I've got a college assignment to hand in next week and I've been working on that.  Have also been doing some work on health and safety in the workplace - is a miracle I survive each working day the amount of 'hazards' I've found!

One last thing to show you, as I've mentioned before I've recently started making cards for birthdays and occasions instead of just turning to the high street.  Well its a workmates birthday tomorrow and I've made her this - hope she likes it.

I found the Union Jack material in a charity shop today - 2 whole flags just perfect for cushions.  Also got a bag of pretty white buttons that are currently in the dishwasher.

Hurrah tomorrow is Friday - see you then.


LissyLou said...

That card is lovely. Homemade cards are so personal - i'd be thrilled to recieve one like that, well done.

Bobo Bun said...

I like the duvet you already have. Cards are looking exciting aswell.

Are you coming to Woodbridge tomorrow then? Make sure you come and say hello if you do.

Lisa x

VintageVicki said...

Hi Lisa

I am planning on coming - will be brave and say Hi :)