Sunday, 27 September 2009

Weekend - part 1

Well what a difference a week makes. Plans made and with just a minor tweak carried out :)

Saturday saw me heading off to the Vintage Fair in Woodbridge - and yet again it was packed with loads of lovely stalls selling all sorts of treats and treasures. I had a good look around and saw soooo many lovely items it was hard to make a choice.

I had promised Lisa at BoboBun that I'd say Hi if I got to the fair and indeed I was brave and went to have a chat with her and her friend from Kitschen Pink. I bought a gorgeous badge from KP and a beautiful crocheted brooch from BB. Was lovely to meet you ladies and I hope to see you again at the next fair.

I also bought a couple of snazzy VW camper printed tea towels which I hope might appeal to the males of the house and make them more inclined to dry up?? Unlikely but worth a try. Finally I could not resist the buttons earrings - the hardest part was choosing which set I wanted.

As I’d time to spare before my return bus I went into the town of Woodbridge and spent some time browsing the many pretty shops and packed charity shops. Treated myself to a set of stacking cake tins from Laura Ashley – printed with polka dots & gingerbread and double whammy of loveliness. Finally I bought an essential item – new nightwear for me.

Was really lovely having a day to myself and its something I shall be repeating more often.

What did I do on Sunday? I'll tell you tomorrow ;)


claire said...

sounds like a lovely day...I didn't realise their was a LA in husband will be pleased to hear that lol!!!

Kelly said...

Hi, just found you through Bekki, what a lovely blog!
Looking forward to seeing more!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Kelly xxxx