Monday, 28 September 2009

Weekend - part 2 & Make do and Mend Monday

As much as I'd love to reclaim all my weekend from the delights of domestic chores, some still have to be done.  One of the least painless is shopping especially as for once it was stuff for the grown-ups and not the boys.  We still needed to get a 2nd duvet set for our room and so headed off into the nearest big town to find something that we both likes, didn't break the bank and also was available in super-king size.

Not an easy task but eventually after much searching we settled on this one - definately has hints of CK and shabby chic.

We also bought a large canvas print of an opening poppy head which looks fab hanging over the bed.


The final part of my plan to revamp our room was to change the curtains, however in the spirit of make do and mend, I decided to dye them.  They started out as cream with little tiny red flowers on them.

And are now a rather pleasing shade of 'Vicki' green - such named as I'm forever picking this colour whether it clothes, paint, fabric or in this case machine dye! Yes it is deliberate that the tie-backs remain undyed.

The mend part of my day? Repairing a pair of scout trousers and replacing buttons of school shirts. 

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Kelly said...

I bet your room looks great!, I love the curtains it looks great with the contrasting tie backs!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxxx